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Sonic & Full Auto 2 Confirmed for PS3 Launch |

Sonic set for PS3 launchScott Steinberg, SEGA of America’s Vice President of Marketing, in an interview with GameDaily BIZ revealed that both Sonic the Hedgehog & Full Auto 2: Battlelines would be launch games for the PS3 but Virtua Fighter 5 won’t be released until March 2007:

We’ve got Sonic the Hedgehog in its original naming convention shipping on the PS3; and of course it’ll be on the [Xbox] 360 as well, but it’ll be a launch title for the PS3. We have Full Auto 2: Battlelines, which is a sequel off of our 360 SKU last year, that’s shipping with the launch of the PS3. Then Virtua Fighter 5 will be in March of the following year, so we’ve got three games out of the gate supporting PS3.

Hopefully Full Auto 2 will be a HUGE improvement over the 360 version & this time they have no excuses about the game being rushed as they’ve been working on it even before Full Auto was finished for the 360.

I’ve said it before but I just hope Sonic has a decent camera system as that has been one of the biggest problems with 3D Sonic games in the past.

He also has his say on the price of the PS3 & admits while although it’s high compared to previous gaming machines, using VF5 he says that there will be very little if any difference between the graphics of the arcade & PS3 versions meaning that the PS3 has $1000s of arcade technology in a $600 machine.

GameDaily BIZ – Sonic & Full Auto Confirmed as PS3 Launch Titles

  • $1000s?

    Ever looked for GOOD arcade machines? Man, ok, maybe its Germany, but even old used Arcades like a MVS (Neo Geo arcade pendant) costs more than $1000!!

    Ok, these devices sport screens, but these arent top of the line and the case is plain wood…

    Man, I am still searching every used arcade seller for Mortal Kombat 2 (banned in Germany, VERY hard to get) or even Mortal Kombat 3 (not banned, but nontheless hard to get), but everytime they have it in stock, i cant afford it, and some bitc* snaps it in front of my eyes!

    Ok, back to topic…

    I surely hope, Team Sonic does a REAL good job, refreshing AND rebuilding Sonics basics! I still play Sonic (I still even have my Mega Drive (the Genesis’ name in Germany)) and I REALLY REALLY love Sonic! The speed, the adrenaline, the PURE PURE FUN! I spent DAYS OVER DAYS playing Sonic 3 & Knuckles till I got ALL (yes, even the big ones) those chaos emeralds and to become Super Sonic! As i didnt get a Dreamcast (wasnt much into playing in those days, as I was buys drinking and such… Man the youth :D) back in the days, I never really got to play the Adventure Games. I snatched Sonic Heroes, back when I had been drafted by the german Bundeswehr (military… navy to be exact). I liked it, but it somehow was tooo kiddy for me. And Shadow… Man… I am still glad I didnt buy it… Rental was more than enough of that “crap”.

    PLEASE TEAM SONIC, dont screw this one up. I am soooo psyched on a new BIG GOOD Sonic!!!