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Lots on Assassin’s Creed for PS3 |

QJ.NET has a honking huge article that summarizes everything they know about Assassin’s Creed. It’s quite an extensive article. Well, as extensive as can be when you’re talking about a pre-release game. Frankly, I didn’t know that so much information was available.

What really intrigues me about this game is how you will interact with the crowds. The NPC’s in this game each have their own desires and don’t just walk a predefined path. As such, how you interact with them will play a large part in the game. It’s weird to see the contrast between this style of game and a game like GRAW, for example, which is supposed to be set in Mexico. But when you are hunting down bad guys in a city, there are no people about whatsoever, except the ones you have to kill. The Mexican populace moved out for the duration of the hostilities, I guess.

Ubisoft is doing a remarkable job doing the pre-marketing for this game. Everybody is talking about it. People wonder about the obviously interesting gameplay. What about the from-the-future angle? That co-op rumour sounds interesting. And what about Xbox 360 support? Is this a PS3 exclusive or not? (Right now the wind seems to be moving in the direction of “PS3 exclusive for a couple months, then available for other platforms.)

Gotta hand it to those Ubisoft guys. They’re making what looks to be a very interesting game and they really have everyone talking about it.

QJ.NET – Everything We Know About Assassin’s Creed

  • Gary

    It’s looking like it could be the first AAA title available on PS3 if it lives up to the hype.

    I’m definitley keeping my fingers crossed that it does turn out to be a hit. It certainly has a lot of potential.

  • Martin Hansen

    According to the norwegian gamer site ubisoft has denied that this is also coming for other platforms. contacted ubisoft themself, and they responded accordingly:
    (translated by me from:
    -The rumor that goes around the Internet does not come from Ubisoft and we can discomfirm the truth in these rumors. The game is announced exlusively for PlayStation 3, the productchief Harald Horsberg for Ubisoft Nordic says after being in contact with the french headquarters. PR-responsible Fredrik Moberg adds: “it exists nothing that should indicate this title coming for other platforms than PlayStation 3”

    (Hope my english is ok)

  • Gary

    Your English is better than a lot of English people I know!

    I think it will be a timed exclusive for the PS3 then a few months after it debuts on the PS3 it will be released on the 360.

  • Guy

    BI think it will be ported since the devs have stated they will be taking advantage of the PS3.

  • Matt

    I have read recently that a Ubisoft employee has said that it is far along in development for 360. I know it could be a rumor but I highly doubt it. Simple marketing tells me that Ubisoft cannot ignore the 360 and its 10 million + units. Their just won’t be a lot of PS3s out when this is released. It may be time delayed, but it will come to 360.

  • Guy

    It has not even shipped 10 million units bud. They ahve only sold a estimated 3 million units worldwide. Like I said, it is not with multiplatform in mind. They have said they are taking full advantage of the PS3. Exlcusive until they announce otherwise.

  • Matt

    By the time the PS3 is released they will have 10 million units. They have already shipped over 5 million of them bud. This is even more likely because Sony is not going to ship ANYWHERE NEAR their estimates. Why create a game for a system that will be lucky to have 3-4 million units in its first 6 months when a similar system has 4 times as many consoles in the market.

  • You can predict that Microsoft will sell 10 million units and that Sony will not ship near their estimates. That’s a nice crystal ball you have there Matt.

  • Guy

    They may have shipped 5 million units, but they have not sold that many yet(if you guys didn’t know, the 360 sales have slowed down.