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PS3 XMB Video |

I troll the PS3 sites and other news sources looking for interesting stuff I want to talk about. Sometimes things come back that was discussed a while ago, and this one seems to be like that too. Except that everyone is saying that this is new. * SHRUG *

You guys tell me. Is there anything new in this PS3 interface video that we haven’t see already? Personally I’m still not sold on the XMB interface. I use it on my PSP, for which it is fine. But I don’t have a lot of videos or music stored on my PSP, so browsing what I do have isn’t much of a problem. Is there anybody out there with gobs of stuff on their PSP that can comment? I’d like to know how easy it is to find what you’re looking for.

News4Gamers – PS3 XMB Video

  • I have my PSP since my birthday (mid april) and I still havent really figured out the XMB.

    Ok, as I have a 1.5er, I mostly use IR Shell or stuff like that, I dont really need to use the XMB, but some limitations, like not being able to watch photos while listening to music is a bit of a drawback. I mean, even my Amiga 500 could do that!

    As I am a pretty tidy guy, who keeps his directorys clean, I cant say, I have troubles finding files inside the XMB

  • michael

    before you can put stuf on it sign up to the and you will be able to put stuff on it then