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Coded Arms Assault: Extended Trailer |

IGN has an extended trailer of Coded Arms Assault which is a, surprise surprise, FPS. Having watched the clip I have to say I’m not overly impressed with it and it certainly doesn’t look as good as Resistance: Fall of Man or Call of Duty 3. It doesn’t really scream next-gen to me. The visuals are nice and shiny but they don’t look like next-gen visuals when you see what the two aforementioned games look like.

Coded Arms Assault

Click the link below & judge for yourselves. Maybe I’m being a little harsh.

IGN – Coded Arms Assault Extended Trailer

There’s also a developer Q&A from IGN:

IGN – Coded Arms Developer Q&A

You can also check out some screenshots from the Konami website:

Konami – Coded Arms Assault Screenshots

  • Gary

    Anybody watched this yet?

  • Matt

    Looked ok. Graphics aren’t to bad. They will probally buff them up some before release, but it seems strange. What was with the hexagonal bullet holes in the cars and walls?

    Since I love FPS games I will keep a watch on it.

  • Gary

    Yeah there were some strange moments the vehicles looked weird aswell & there was something strange about it that I just can’t put my finger on.

  • JordanR


    kinda looked like a bad version of “Black”.