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How Compatible will the PS3 Be? |

Tom Reeves, a VP at IBM semiconductor something-or-other, had an interview with Reed’s Electronic News. He had some interesting things to say about the Cell processor, but in particular he had something to say about Sony and their backwards compatibility work.

Sony is very concerned about quality and backward compatibility. They want to get this right. They tested game after game after game. When there were about 40 PlayStation 1 games that didn’t work properly, that didn’t pass their criteria for quality.

Cool, huh?

When I go my PS2, I didn’t have any PS1 games. I had no desire to get any either, no matter how good their reputations. But now I have a PS2 and when the PS3 comes around, I definitely plan to use it to play my PS2 games. So for me it’s quite encouraging to see comments like these. I want to play PS2 games, and I want to play most of my PS2 games.

Electronic News – Turn Down the Heat… Please

  • Woah you missed some great games on PSone. Why were’nt you tempted to get some cheap PSone games?

    I’ve played FFVII on my PS2 & that’s it. I played the other classics on my PSone & didn’t feel the need to re buy them again.

    The only game that I’ll play on my PS3 will be GTA: San Andreas.

  • Matt

    BC is so overated. I usually leave my old system hooked up for a few months until I have more games. Nothing will run the game as good as the system it was designed for. The weird thing is I don’t know why I do it. I never play the old games. My Xbox 1 has been sitting next to my 360 collecting dust. Halo 2, as great as it is, hasn’t called me to play it. My PSone games sat out for about a year before I stored them permanently.

    BC is very important during the game drought the first 6+ months that a system is released, after that I would venture to say that 99% of gaming on the new system is new games.

    If not having BC saved me $50, I would love to leave it out.

  • Well Matt that’s your decision. My friend has an Xbox and an Xbox 360 and every time we go there we ask if he has his Xbox hooked up because we want to play PGR2, which we find a lot better than PGR3.

    I put a picture of Frequency in this post for a reason – it’s a game I’m sure my friends and I will play on my PS3, I don’t have room for both consoles. Well, to be accurate, I don’t want to try to make the room.

  • observer

    PS1 games I’ve played on PS2:
    Abe’s Odyssey + Exodus
    Minor use of various others
    PS2 games I plan to play on PS3:
    Most Harmonix games: Frequency + Amplitude + Guitar Hero
    I will definitely occassionally go back to play GTA III, VC, SA + Manhunt. I loved the story and writing and they had such amazing moments.
    Minor use of various others.

    The topic has been debated many times, but to chime in: Most people barely play previous gen games, and there is always the option of getting/keeping an old system. But it sure is nice to have full backwards compatibility and only have to keep one system hooked up. It’s definitely not a deal breaker and is probably lower on the bigger picture items, but I’m so happy the PS3 will have it.

  • BC talks had been down so many times…
    I don’t have a ps2, don’t want to buy and old hardware but sure will be enjoying Katamari & FF XII on a (maybe) PS3.

    As for the xbox I don’t agree, I play Halo 1 & 2 (no equivalent yet on the 360), I’ll be playing Dreamfall soon (or you’re telling me I should play game like “x-men” instead?). And I plan to try out Black (second hand) one day. Unfortunately Riddick is not supported neither is SW Republic Commando. I didn’t own a xbox 1 and don’t want to keep 2 system hooked up.
    So yes BC is really great and not for 6 month but a couple of year at least!

  • Thomas

    I’m satisfied that most ps1, and ps2 games will be compatible with the ps3. However, my concern is how will the old periphreals work with the ps3. I’m hoping that an ps2 controller / usb adapter work w/ the system. (like the usb adapter that radio shack offers for pc(s) ) Guitar hero comes out in Nov. 06, and it’d be nice to be able to play it on the ps3 with the guitar as well.