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EA PS3 Games for Fall 2006 |

EA is the largest video games manufacturer, period. As such, it’s important to keep an eye on them and see what they’re up to. They produce many popular titles for consoles, so my ears perked when I heard that they announced their schedule of titles for the rest of this year. And right now, the pickings for the PS3 look pretty slim.

Coming to the PS3 this fall, confirmed from EA, are Madden NFL 07 and Need for Speed Carbon. Also coming on the PS3 are NBA Live and Tiger Woods PGA Tour, but it is unknown if they’ll be launch titles or not. (Does that mean the other ones are? Probably not. Interesting wording on Gamasutra’s part.)

Of those titles, the only one I’m remotely interested in is Need for Speed Carbon. I like racing games, especially four player racing games. Does anyone know if this game will be four player?

Gamasutra – EA Game Schedule For Rest Of 2006 Revealed

  • I dont think, it’ll be 4 players (on one screen!). Maybe online, as always…

    Cant they make a good racing game (I loved the old Nascars… Still have the first one by Papyrus… My first real PC game!!) with more than 4-6 players at the same time? Others can do it!

    But, I think, this year, I will pass NFS in favor to Motor Storm. I had bought nearly every single NFS game out yet (I passed the U:2, as it was VERY cheesy!), but NFS gets more and more “strange” to me. Motor Storm packs some punch as to being “new and stuff”. NFS got just like Fifa and NHL… Simple incremental upgrades on a 1 year basis… I for one dont want that, espescially, when there are games to come like Gran Turismo, where I can play HOURS on end, without damaging my pad in anger, because the AI cheats like hell (ever played Most Wanted? Man, that AI SUCKED!).

    But I am a bit confident, as Most Wanted was not bad, not bad at all… Maybe I buy Carbon used next year.

    Man, I sure hope my USB Force Feedback Wheel still works with the PS3, which I do not doubt…

  • Matt

    EA seems to do that to all of their series. I wish they would cap a series (not sports) at 3 games and that is it. Do the same type of game but change directions. Burnout was this way (new/good) but now I want them to kill the series. They are great a creating rehashes.

    Maybe EA thinks that a titleis worth 10 (rehashed) games. It seems like it. I just stop buying them on a yearly basis (every 2-3 years instead). Some of their games I just skip over without even thinking about it.

    Create something new and stop buying up good developers that you destroy.