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Half-Life 2: Eps 1 & 2 Coming to PS3 |

Half-Life 2 It was only a matter of time before Valve officially announced that Half-Life 2 would be coming to next-gen consoles & they finally validated the rumours that had been in circulation for a while at EA’s Studio Showcase in San Francisco by confirming that Half-Life 2 would be coming to the PS3 & Xbox 360 this December 2006.

On top of that we will get Episodes 1 & 2 included! 😀

I know I’ve complained about the amount of FPS currently in development for the PS3 but when they are of the calibre of HL 2 it’s time to put my concerns to one side.

Hmm I wonder if Henning will be pleased with this news…

Eurogamer – Half-Life 2 Episodes 1 & 2 Coming to PS3

  • If it’s multiplayer!

  • Scott

    It’s bound to include co-op isnt it? I hear it includes Counter Strike Source as well, although it doesnt seem like Team Fortress 2 will be included, which is a shame.

  • Matt

    HL2 in ANY form is great news. I am not a PC gamer for FPS games and would love the chance to play such a great game.

    I hope they include multiplayer of some sort and CS:Source would be ideal. Co-Op is also a cool feature I hope they include.

  • Half-Life 2 is a AAA game & it will be a boost to have it shortly after the PS3’s launch.

  • Scott

    I agree Gary, it’s also a good addition to the Xbox 360 games libary. I just hope its as good, if not better as the PC version, in the way of feature, gameplay, graphics and controls. I really hope they include atleast one of either Team Fortress 2 or Counter Strike Source, both would make it the best buy of the year.

  • It should’ve been held back from being released on the Xbox in the first place. The fact they are including Episodes 1 & 2 makes it a must have purchase especially for people like me who haven’t played it on PC.