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Sony Likes Apple’s Style |

PlayStation 3Is Sony changing their strategy when it comes to the PlayStation 3 versus the PlayStation 2?

… Kutaragi said Sony would be diverging from the traditional model of hardware, content, and royalties–which he referred to as a product of “the Nintendo era.” He stated that in regards to the PS3, “our message is clear: hardware is our business.” Rather than selling hardware at a loss and compensating with royalties, Sony plans to make the PS3 “a common platform, on which top programmers can realize their full potential.”

But, of course, they will continue to release first party games for the PS3. So I don’t know how that is really diverging in any way from the past. “More than Microsoft,” Kutaragi says, “Apple is closer to our vision [for the PS3].”

I have a MacBook and an iPod nano, and I think that both are technological wonders. I am new to the whole Apple ownership thing, only recently having bought my MacBook, and getting my nano last year. I really understand how the cult of Apple has formed – these are great products that inspire loyalty. If Sony wants to do the same by building an ecosystem around the PS3, like it says in the article, then more power to them.

Sony: I’ll even tell you exactly what to do to achieve this. One. You know that copy of Linux you keep saying will be included with the PS3? Make sure it isn’t brain-dead like PS2 Linux. Keep it open, publish specs, allow homebrew. Two. November 2007 price drop. Three. Last but certainly not least – lots of good games.

Kutaragi: Sony aims to emulate Apple with PS3

  • bunnyhero

    let’s hope they’ll try to emulate apple’s ipod market share as opposed to the mac market share ;P

  • If this is REALLY what Sony does then…

    – release first party games MUCH cheaper than expected (40-60€ MAX)
    – the high hardware price REALLY is a bargain
    – don’t overexaggerate with DRM things (like for musik and films… I want to be able to play my WHOLE media selection on the PS3! Be it Xvid, SVCD or even H264)
    – pack a game into the HW price!!
    – like Henning said, open the Linux world completely! If you do that, I’ll buy 2 PS3s… One for my car, to power my CAR PC and the other one for home use.

    Cant think of anything more know… Too much university!!

  • JordanR

    BIG FREEKEN MISTAKE!! Sony’s biz model has gone fakakta.

    The 360 is sold at a big loss, but they make it up without the consumer even thinking about it. I pay $10/month for online service, thats $120 a year for lets say 4 years = $480. Plus if I want any prepherals, Microsoft gets their cut.

    Sony, on the other hand, is asking consumers to lay out a huge some of money all at once making the decision to purchase the machine much more psychologically difficult. Plus like a PC, anyone can produce unliscensed software and devices flooding the market with crap.

    In this model, the only way this strategy can succeed as a business is if:

    a. It sells bigtime
    b. It sells at a HUGE margin, not a loss
    c. People buy those damn blu-ray discs

    As a business, 360 got it right this time, Sony is gambling everything

  • The thing with Blu Ray is also not to be thrown away…

    Sony is one of the main (of not the) producer of these discs and that way, they get MUCH money for only making the discs, nothing else. MS does NOT have that. Nobody will buy an extra windows because he has a 360.

    I think, if Sony relives it’s success with the PS1 and PS2, Sonys reputation and income will skyrocket.

    See, if PS3 is successful, BD will (and if ONLY with the PS3 itself) be a good other income source. If BD is successful, the PS3 will surely take advantage of it. Sony nontheless. If both are successful, then Sony made everything right and we can expect another PS2 “wonder” in less time.

    BUT, if both fail, which I dont believe in, then Sony is done for till the PS4 hits the market. Sony still is very quiet about everything, waitng for the right moment to drop bombs on MS and Nintendo. Thats why we still dont know too much about the Internet services and the other stuff (Linux, package details…). I think TGS is the way to go, where Sony will show their REAL strength. Maybe, just maybe, Sony did screw up E3 a bit on purpose to give MS the impression, they got the advantage, when PS3 comes. Same with Nintendo somewhat. At least, they’re both big companys with big budgets to lose and to win…

    That way, when they drop the real bombs closely to launch, MS and Nin have NO time to react appropriatly.

    But back to topic…

    The real big revenues dont come from the hardware (or even sales in general) usually. Look at cars, printers or even mobile phones. The income is generated thru “content”. Be it repairs and spare parts for cars, ink refills or mobile contracts. Apple is doing it the other way round. The iPod and the Macs REALLY ARE pretty expensive things, comparing it to its competitors. I mean, I can get a 1GB MP3 player for less than 40€ in Germany, but the Shuffle is sold for more than 75€. Or even the “real” iPods. The 20GB model cant be compared pricewise to its next competitors, which offer similar accessoirs. BUT, now look at iTunes. Songs for .99€ is a REAL bargain, comparing it to (there arent much alternatives in Germany in that field of play). If that is the way, Sony is going, I’ll be MORE than happy to dish out the 600€ for my PS3! Really. I just hope, that the games wont be too expensive (60€ at the max), or I’ll only buy used games or go rental. Let’s see… Time will tell…