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Interview: EA’s Jeff Brown – 40 40 20 | has a fascinating interview with Jeff Brown from EA. Usually interviews with industry people like Jeff Brown are mostly boring affairs with a good answer or two thrown in, but this one is chock full of good stuff.

First off, he freely admits that EA is not equally committed to all three next-gen platforms. EA will put more resources behind the platform with greater marketshare. Which makes sense for a company that makes games and actually wants to make a profit. So in a backhanded fashion he mentions that in a couple months there will be 7 million Xbox 360’s and 1 million PS3’s. You do the math…

In answering the same question, Mr. Brown also says that industry whispers are that the marketshare positions in the next gen console war will be 40 / 40 / 20 – Sony / Microsoft / Nintendo. If this ends up being true, then Microsoft and Nintendo will surely be happy, because they’ll both have gained at Sony’s expense. Remember that Sony had 65 to 70 percent marketshare with the PS2.

What do you guys think? Does 40 / 40 / 20 sound realistic? Maybe it’s wishful thinking on my part, but I think Sony will get more than 40%.

Challenging everything

  • Matt

    I think it will be even closer than that. If I had to pick a winner I would say that the Wii will come out on top. This is strictly based on console costs. People who purchase the 360 have more reason to go for the Wii than a PS3. Same thing for PS3 owners looking for another console.

    The main reason the PS2 is selling so well is the $129.99 price tag. If the Wii comes in at $229, by next year they will be @ $179.99 or lower. If they are available this year I will pick one up. This will give me the 360 and Wii and I will most likely pick up a PS3 when the real system drops to $400. This might be a few years but I can’t justify a $600 console. I can afford it but that doesn’t make it a good idea. I will use it for gaming only (I strongly believe in stand-alone movie players)

    What ultimately decides the budgets of developers is not the amount of units sold but the attach rate of games. I am pretty sure that the average PS2 owner bought 5-6 games. Xbox has something like 18-20 games. Regardless of the number the Xbox had a much higher rate of games to units sold (don’t ask me for a source as I read a lot of sites for news) I own 2 PS2s and only purchase one version of a game. I know a lot of people with multiple PS2s so the overall 100 million plus units doesn’t translate to 100 million different owners. They still had more owners though. I also believe that the Xbox was mostly owned by older gamers who have more disposeable income (I would say almost all Xbox one owners have a PS2)