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Colin McRae: New Name & Lots of DIRT |

Click for larger sizeIGN has a couple of new snippets of info about next-gen Colin McRae Rally.

Firstly it will be called DIRT: Colin McRae Off-Road in North America & Colin McRae: DIRT in PAL territories. I can’t see why they have to give it two different names. 😐

The game will be released on the PS3 , Xbox 360 & PC at the same time at some point during 2007. Vague I know.

As-well as featuring it’s usual point to point races, DIRT: CM will feature a Rally Raid event where you can drive Dakar-style trucks & 4×4 beasts, Rally Cross which switches from road racing to dirt racing &, quite amusingly, a Hill Climb challenge mode where you drive heavyweight cars on cliff sides. There will also be modes dedicated to the three main Rally Championships, European, International & Global featuring 2WD, 4WD, RWD & Classic rally cars.

I’m not a big fan of racing games & I last played a rally game when I had a PSone so this isn’t on my To Buy List but I’m sure someone somewhere likes racing games…

IGN – DIRT: Colin McRae Off-Road

  • You mean someone like me? I’ve played Colin McRae (4?) on my friend’s Xbox several times and it’s fun. Althouth when you play 4 player, the status indicators often get in the way of seeing where you’re going next, which is quite annoying.

  • I prefer driving on tarmac than off road. Although my favourite part of the GTA games is cruising around on the motorbikes.

    Rally games just don’t do it for me anymore.

  • Because in the UK we clearly much prefer the name Colin McRae: DIRT! Always enjoyed the colin mcrae games but I founjd that the main trick was… break before you hit a corner then accelerate after it.. and stay in the middle of the road lol.

  • Yeah Colin McRae DIRT has a better ring to it. Man those driving tips might just come in handy if I ever buy a Rally game. 🙂