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Interview: EA’s Jeff Brown – Price Point | has a fascinating interview with Jeff Brown from EA. I already talked about it some in this 40 40 20 article, but here I wanted to mention more.

Mr. Brown is asked about the PS3’s price point. And I think he had something interesting, and heartening to us PS3 fans, to say:

Say what you will about the PlayStation 3, we know this as fact: Sony Computer Entertainment and Sony Corporation are very, very, very good at marketing consumer electronics. These guys aren’t dumb. I wish it was cheap – look, at EA, we wish there was a $200 PlayStation 3 out there; we love big, big numbers on installed base.

But they have a business that they have to maintain, that’s the price point they came to. Is it a little high? Perhaps it is, but I would never underestimate their ability to market consumer electronics. Again and again, they’ve really distinguished themselves. Does it hurt them? It certainly remains to be seen. I wouldn’t say that yet.

Sometimes I have to remind myself that Sony isn’t a machine, sitting atop a big hill somewhere passing down its decrees to its acolytes to go forth and proselytize the masses. Sony is made up of smart people who know very well what people are saying about them and their PS3. They’re smart, and they’ve made the PSone and the PS2 raging successes. This is the same company that will attempt to do the same with the PS3, and we shouldn’t underestimate them. Sure it’ll be harder this time around, because Microsoft is coming on strong. But the PS3 won’t be a failure. It might not have the same marketshare as last time, but that won’t make it a failure. You’ll buy your PS3, enjoy it, and get lots of fun games. That’s what counts in the end, right?

Challenging everything

  • Henning: “You’ll buy your PS3, enjoy it, and get lots of fun games. That’s what counts in the end, right?”

    That’s EXACTLY what counts in the end. I know 100% that I will have tons of fun playing great games on my PS3 when I eventually get one & that’s all that matters at the end of the day.

    Some people obviously don’t think the PS3 is worth it’s price, well I do & I know I will get value for money just from the GAMES alone.

  • Matt

    It’s not worth $600. I don’t care what arguement you have. If you mention Blu-Ray playback than the $600 unit is the only one to invest in for BR playback. You will need HDMI, it is just not known when. More importantly a huge portion of the country is not going to pay that much for a PS3. They will wait for the price-drops or go somewhere else.

    Deep down I don’t think anyone wants Sony to fail. That would just be stupid for gamers as a whole. I hope they take a hit on overall sales though to put them back in perspective. Then for PS4 they might not charge $1000 and call it a server or whatever else they think up.

    I believe strongly that console costs needed to increase. To get technology that will be able to compete with PCs for atleast a year or two is great. Microsoft came in at a great price. They are due for a price-drop so they can reach another demographic. PS3 will sell well the first 3-6 months but after that I think are iffy.

    I know that I represent a portion of the total market. I am an HDTV owner who would like a next gen DVD player but don’t trust the quality of the one in the PS3. Already owning a 360 because I couldn’t wait a year for next gen gaming, I am now set for a year or two. The $600 price will drop and the great games I miss out on I can pick up later along with the cheaper system.

    How will the people like me change the whole scenario for Sony? Will thi seriously hurt their sales. Will they end up like Microsoft did last round? Only a few months until we all find out.

  • Once again I (the key part being ME) believe it is worth the money. Any arguments you have against the price won’t change my mind.

    People need to look past the “It’s a games machine!!!” because it does much more than that.

    And that’s coming from somebody who isn’t interested in online gaming & who isn’t going to start buying next-gen DVDs for a long time yet.

    I still believe the PS3 is worth £400+.