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PS3 in Production? |

PS3You may have heard the rumours about the PS3 already being in production. And I can confirm for you right here that yes indeed, these are the rumours. 🙂 Cheap shot, I know, but I couldn’t resist.

Following unconfirmed reports that Nintendo is already producing the Wii, we now have an unconfirmed report from The Commercial Times that Taiwanese electronics firm Asustek Computer has already started producing PlayStation 3 machines and have delivered some to Sony. Production quantities at first are reportedly small, which is understandable.

Supposedly they received parts for 200,000 units in June and that number will keep getting higher until Sony gets 2 million per month in October. Which seems strange since Sony has previously said that it’ll only have 2 million at launch.

So that puts the kibosh on all those rumours that the PS3 components won’t even fit into the PS3 box.

Report: PS3 Production Underway

  • Matt

    It takes 6-8 weeks for the cargo ships to reach the USA. They better be producing PS3s by now. Because getting them to the country is one thing. Having the stores get them distributed to the individual stores takes a few weeks in itself.

    I have no idea how long it takes to reach the UK. I would assume the same if not a little longer.

    Sony is going to have some serious issues ramping up to 2 million in Oct. The major components are going to be short in supply (Lasers, Cells). If any company can pull it off it is Sony though.

  • If I remember correctly Microsoft started producing Xbox 360’s 89 days before launch day.

  • Matt

    They also spent a ton of money using Jets to fly them around the world. I know that my 360 was flown in because the build date, December 9th, was 20 days before my purchase date of December 29th.

    I don’t know if Sony would do that because of the expense (they are losing a lot of money right now as it is). I just don’t think Sony cares enough to spend tens of millions to bump up their numbers when they are sure they will get them in the end.