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Kutaragi To Headline TGS |

Sony’s big PS3 man himself, Ken Kutaragi, is going to give a keynote address at the Tokyo Game Show (TGS) on September 22nd this year. While the important stuff about the PS3 is already know, there are lots of little details about the PS3 that are unknown and that are good fodder for Ken’s keynote. Here are some things that I’d like to know.

  1. A little more about Linux. What distribution? Will it be crippled in any way? What kind of software will be available for it? What are the development tools like? How do you access Linux from the PS3?
  2. What kind of media functionality will it have? We know it’ll play music, but can you rip your own CD’s? Can it play music from your home network? What about movies? Videos?
  3. Can you play music from your network or from the HDD in the game? Frankly I’m tired of the music in racing games and would like to use my own.
  4. Will the PS3 indeed be a Location Free server?
  5. How long will the batteries in the PS3 controller last?
  6. What will come included with the PS3? A game? A headset? A BD movie?
  7. Games, of course. Are there any games we don’t know about?

Is there anything I’m missing?

Kutaragi To Headline TGS

  • Thanks for the update, but I am sure I was reading somewhere that the ps3 will not infact be using Linux in the end. Yep, “He also revealed, on the japanese games site PC Impress that the PS3 will not infact be coming with Linux pre-installed on the hard drive and will instead have its own operating software. ” (kutaragi that is) – site is in japanese so I am only guessing that according to the translation from another site (respected).

  • I didnt read that, but Im not always best informed…

    BUT, if Sony really didnt include a “real” linux on the PS3, it will be pretty bad (for me and the homebrew scene). I mean, they always talked about how the PS3 will have and support linux !OSes!, that would be like a Chuck Norris Roundhouse to the Face of MANY potential customers.

  • I heard that Sony will use it’s own OS (the XMB GUI) (like PSP’s) for the main PS3 usage and for hosting games. But Linux would come installed on the HDD should you wish to use it. Maybe it’ll come on a packaged CD instead so that it doesn’t waste space for those who don’t want it?

  • Alex

    I was wondering with the ps3 being a computer and able to surf the web. Will we have to worry about viruses?

  • Yes, but not to the degree Windows users have to. Plus, it depends on what settings you have enabled on your browser.

  • Scott

    I’d like to know the price of first and third party PS3 games.

  • Here’s another one:

    8. Will you be able to save games to MemoryStick media (and other memory card types)? Is it possible to import savegames from the PS2?

  • Matt

    I would like to know the full details of the Online service. Outside of promises (which Sony sucks at bringing to reality) we know nothing. Will it be available day one, if so to what degree.

    I would also like to know hat features will be interactable. (like the music in your #2) Friends list during games.

    Come to think about it I really know nothing of the PS3 outside of the hardware/software. They shouldn’t make us what for this. 360 released all of this info at the E3 before launch.

    Nintendo needs to come out also.

  • SyKo

    Sony needs to tell us about the online functionality! (is that even a word? functionality)

    I would also like to know wat is included in the Sony Premium Box, ps3, only 1 controller? free BD movie?

    and Matt is right. we know almost NOTHING about the PS3 other then the Hardware and Games.

  • SyKo

    oh, and can u save full games to ur HDD so that u dont need the disc anymore?