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How to Make the PS3 look Cheap |

BusinessWeek reports that Hirokazu Hamamura of Enterbrain says that developers are shying away from the PS3 because of the PS3’s high price. They note that on July 13th, EA mentioned more Wii games than PS3 games. Recently in an interview Jeff Brown said that EA will no back all next-gen consoles equally. He said, basically, that they go where the marketshare is. If the Xbox 360 has a much higher marketshare, then that’s where EA will have more games. That makes sense. EA’s supposed better support for the Wii is a little confusing to me, however. First, looks can be deceiving. EA may be just as much behind the PS3 as the Wii, and we might be none the wiser. But let’s say they are in fact backing the Wii more. Is it really because they see the PS3 as the super-expensive console that won’t sell?

BusinessWeek’s made the mistake of saying the PS3 is $200 more expensive than the Xbox 360. It’s not. It’s $100 more. Yes, that’s comparing the more expensive Xbox 360 with the PS3 Jr. But it’s not fair to compare the 360 with the PS3 Sr because the PS3 Jr is the one that’s actually closer in functionality.

So what you’re really talking about is a $100 difference. And in some markets, like Canada, the difference is even less (here, if the Xbox 360 price remains the same, the difference will be $50.)

Joe Sixpack really seems to get around, and he’s making an appearance here again. Joe goes to the store to buy his son Billy a console. “Hey Billy boy! What’s that gaming machine you got?” “It’s a PS2 dad!” With 70% marketshare, chances are it’s a PS2. Mr. Clerk at the store tells Joe that he can choose between the 360, PS3, or maybe the Wii. Mr. Clerk’s commission on the Wii isn’t so big, so he’ll flog the big consoles first. Joe will probably ask about the PS3 because his boy already has a PS2. But whoa, would you look at that price! $600! Mr. Clerk points out that the PS3 Jr. is $500 – only $100 bucks more than the 360, which it’s very comparable to, and it will play all of Billy’s PS2 games. Plus it has a built-in BD player and has free online games. Joe, of course, has no idea what a BD player is so his mind blanks for a moment while it erases that piece of information from his memory. So the choice comes down to $400 for a 360, or 25% more ($100) for the PS3 which will play all of Billy’s PS2 games, has free online gaming, and is a known brand. Everyone knows the Sony PlayStation! In Canada, it’s just 10% ($50) more. If Joe were Canadian, I think the answer would be obvious: get the PS3. It’s only $50 more. In the States, where it’s $100, I don’t think it’s too much of a stretch to suppose Joe will choose the PS3 there as well. Do you, given those circumstances?

Will Sony’s Pricey PS3 Pay Off?

  • Come Christmas.. I think people in masses will get the ps3 because it’ll be the new hot thing. Directly afterwards, it all depends on the games. Directly after Christmas, Xbox 360 has got the PS3 beat when it comes to the games. Unless Sony is releasing some key titles early.

  • As I said before. If Sony manages to sell 6mil till the End of March ’07, then MS’ advantage is nearly molten away. AFAIK now the 360 has a distribution of a bit less than 4mil. in nearly one year.

    Come Christmas, the 360 sales will rise again, but not as high as last year, because the “new hot” PS3 is coming and taking 360 shares away… Till Christmas we may very well have a 6mil. 360 to 4mil. PS3 distribution. 2mil… thats NOTHING! Espacialy, when the PS3 gains the real killer apps next year, like MGS4 or FFXIII. Then we are equal… Then come christmas ’07, come price cuts etc. Sony will eventually prevail…

    Okok, a bit optimistic, but I think, this will happen!

  • Jay

    Of course Sony would win. Not trying to sound like a fan boy or anything, but it’s rather obvious. The $500 model is, indeed, closer to the functionality of the 360, but having a blu-ray player and the likes, it’s definitely worth the extra dough. Think of it this way, a game running on a Bu-Ray disk for it’s PS3 version doesn’t need to have very much, if any, compression whilist the 360’s version is still on the DVD format, which means extensive compiling of data and longer load times.

    If a game is uncompressed, the system can read the information directly from the disc and put it on screen. No need to decompile all the data, then read it, then show it on the screen, thus why they should have faster load times, even if the BD drive is only 2X. Not only is that a possibility, but there’s also a chance that PS3 games could use higher resolution textures without having to compress them.

    But yeah, next year is going to be the year the battle really starts, because by then, all the big titles should really start hitting. It’ll probably boil down to Halo 3 for the 360 vs MGS4 for PS3. If the past is anything to go by, I love the MGS storylines and I’ve played the Halo games (and didn’t really care for them, they were pretty much just standard FPS games set in an overly-scifi themed setting, not to mention, it was too ‘colorful’). MGS4 just looks plain amazing and even with as little of the storyline that has been released, it still sounds interesting (the reason I like MGS storylines is because of it’s way of taking real events in history and putting in details that aren’t necessarily true, but fit in the game well and can seem plausible)

  • Matt

    If you are going to sell the PS3 as a Blu-Ray player, you HAVE to buy the $600 version. You HAVE to have HDMI. I don’t care what Sony says about the 2011 HDMI switch. They do not control the other studios and they could inact the HDMI only discs in a year or two. If I am paying for the damn technology I better be able to use it.

    Most people who have bought an HDTV within the last 2-3 years have HDMI. A problem many of you might not think of is connections to the TV. My cabel box is one of my Component inputs and 360 is the other. The only other connection options I have for HD are HDMI and VGA. Don’t even start on switchers because I am not spending that much more on another piece of equipment that I don’t need.

    PS3 will have ALL games compressed. Their is not enough space on a disc to leave it uncompressed (they will not, I repeat not use a DL disc for a game) They have 25 gigs to work with and that is it. Sony STILL cannot make a DL BD disc at production levels.

    Your real killer apps are a joke. I am so tired of the FF series and MGS series. Where are the new franchises that I want to play. EGM released the 50 new franchises and the top 3 were on 360.

    The MGS4 vs. Halo 3 arguement is well stupid. I don’t mean to sound harsh but Halo 2 is owned by more than 40% of all Xbox owners. The online is still to this day the greatest online game. MGS3 sold how many units to 90 million possible customers? not as many units as Halo 2 did with a much smaller audience.

    $100 to the average Joe is a lot of money. The real $200 difference is substantial. Store employees are going to tell customers the same thing they did when customers asked for a Core 360. Don’t buy it. It is a waste of money compared to the Premium. Throw in the fact that the Premium 360 is going to come with 3 months of Live, $20.00 of Live Marketplace credits and PGR3 all for $399 you get a lot more for your money.

    I may sound like a fanboy but Sony hasn’t given me any reason what-so-ever to be excited about their new system. The forums I read also have given me no reson to be excited. I have been a gamer for over 20 years. 360 is kicking them all over the place and it seems, atleast to me, that they don’t care. I am not spending $600 on a system which I have SERIOUS questions about. If the time comes when the system offers me a unique experience that I consider to be a value than I will pick one up.

    Another thing. There are already 6 million 360s in existance. They might not be in stores yet but they are on their way now. I highly doubt that Sony will come close to their estimates the first six months. Add to that the broken units that are inevitable with a new machine (it will be atleast as bad and probally much worse than the 360 launch breakages)

    You guys are very optimistic and I hope you don’t get your heart broken.

  • First, if you think a heart can possibly get broken by a leisure activity, then you take things too seriously! 🙂 (I know you’re kidding.)

    Regarding HDMI: I purposefully took the Blu-ray player out of the argument because Joe Sixpack didn’t know what it was. Now you’re putting it back in without justifying it.

    Killer apps? I like FPS’s as much as the next guy, but I don’t think Halo is as special as everyone says. (Yes, I’ve played it.) It’s good, but not killer.

    You say “Sony hasn’t given me any reason what-so-ever to be excited about their new system”. Yeah, but that’s you. Personally, I like FPS’s, racing games, and a smattering of other game types. The PS3 is shaping up to have all the kinds of games I like. I’m really looking forward to MotorStorm, F1 2006, Heavenly Sword, Call of Duty 3 (yeah I know it’s not exclusive, but so what?), and more. Plus it has a BD player. I am Sony’s target market. They have exactly what I want. Which is why I’m buying a PS3.

    As to compressed textures, I agree with you. Disc access is SLOW. It’s much more effecient to compress stuff, store it, and decompress it on the fly than it is to store it uncompressed in the first place.

  • Ok, i need to correct my 4mil. estimation to 5mil…. Just read it on Eurogamer…

    And I agree with Matt, saying you cant compare Halo to MGS. MGS is a completely OTHER genre, and it is NO WAY as mainstream as Halo.

    The real problem I see for the 360 is that it is for the too hardcore players… Too many FPS and similar action games. I live in Europe and Halo and the other FPS stuff doesnt sell NEARLY as well as lets say games like Fifa and so on… Ok Germany is a football country, but let me make my point clearer.

    Germans for example prefer party games. FPS are no party games. Fraggin around the clock is something for “nerds” (I’m missing the matching word here, but i think you get what i mean.) and as you can see, games like Singstar or Buzz sell MUCH better than Halo or CoD. I WAS a FPS gamer back in the days. I really liked Doom, I loved Half Life, I ROCKED at Q3A and I enjoyed Half Life 2, but the others… Well lets just say, I played A LOT of them and NONE just made something new and inventive.

    This may very well work in the US… Good graphics, high action content, cheesy story and whatnot, but in Countrys/Regions like Europe or Japan, that just doesnt do it, as you can see with the “success” of the 360 in Japan. And to add to that, the 360 is Region Coded, meaning I cant import a cool japanese RPG if I wanted to… (Or the asian Region ones… These mostly have added English subs)

    See, MS does its job VERY well, serving mainstream needs in the US. But if many gamers get tired of the umpteenth iteration of action game whatnot, MS is in REAL trouble, as the others already have shown, that they really serve more than just action games.

    Okok, i REALLY drifted away this time…

    Killer apps for me? The same there were as for the PS2… Gran Turismo, Metal Gear, Final Fantasy and Resident Evil. 3 of which are still exclusive and 4 games which are TOTALLY different genres. What does the 360 have? Hmm… Halo… (ok, I really am a bit bad in this field of play, as I have no idea, what games are really good for the xbox 1) and maybe PGR, but what other REALLY killer exclusives are there to come, which have made a name for itself on the Xbox 1?

  • I too am a very interested spectator in all this and have been a gamer it seems forever now, I guess I just wanted to comment is that many people are currently either mis-informed or misled about many things with the current systems and the upcoming systems with the console makers. Alot or most I guess would be mis-informed consumers, Highly paid mis-information specialists and company spokesmen who mis-speak and are rarely if EVER held accountable for their actions or words. At this moment in time consumers have really 1 choice for a next-gen platform for gaming in the quote un quote months to come there will be 2 more coming to the market, some console makers seem to take different approaches in marketing, strategy and PR on this front and talk bad and trash with every turn when they don’t even have a leg to stand on as of this moment. And what really baffles me to no end is that if anyone ever looked at past history some companies promise the moon and the stars and deliver about a quarter of their promises a few years into it. And many ppl are making side by side by side comparisons into things that aren’t even in the market yet. Some companies not even a few months ago completely slammed another companies marketing and sales strategies for doing the SAME exact thing they are doing now, so how and why does that now make sense for them? And I can’t wait for the quote un quote free online service that well isn’t really free when you buy a game that is going to cost 10-30% more then current “next-gen” games then you go onto your “free” online service and have to buy and unlock the rest of your game to play it, what happends to people who don’t have high speed broadband ? If you have a BDplayer built in and its your Home entertainment HUB and gateway where’s the Remote ?? Ah, extra $$
    People have to decide if they are buying a “home entertainment gateway” or a gaming machine… Maybe the other guys have it right after all… go simple be one thing and do it well, just make a machine that plays games…

  • Matt

    Their were a ton of great games on Xbox one that people missed.

    Anything by Bioware is better that FF. Mass Effect looks like the most promising RPG to be released since FF7. Bioware had Jade Empire and KOTOR. Both were great games that changed the industry.

    Actually I could spend so much time hear going into high scoring games that cover every genre and it isn’t going to change your minds.

    Most importantly the past is the past. Guitar Hero is coming to 360. This looks very promising because of MarketPlace (new songs to download so the game stays fresh). Square-Enix is developing for the platform. EA and other developers are putting more effort into the 360 over the PS3.

    If you are looking at what the Xbox had for games and basing your decision on that I feel sorry for you. If you look at what is in development right now, the 360 has more games that I want to play and they cover more areas than what Sony is offering.

    Microsoft wants to win the next generation and they will do everything possible. This includes buying developers, giving developers money to create games, giving them ideas of games that gamers want to play, etc. Sony just “knows” that they are going to win the war. Meanwhile small developers are backing away from the system because of cost and Sony isn’t helping. Sony is going to lose its great 3rd party support, I just know it.

    I am not trying to bash the PS3. I just can’t understand why anyone is jumping in at the start when the competition is beating the crap out of Sony (atleast right now). They have more games in more genres and the games look better on 360. They games you want to play on PS3 won’t be out for a year after launch. The system will be cheaper (much cheaper if no-one buys the thing @ $600) and their will be games to play. I wouldn’t buy any Blu-Ray movies for a while. They are still using MPEG-2 and it looks only a little better than DVD. HD-DVD is using VC-1 and looks like HD should.

  • Matt

    Here is something to think about. Microsoft is paying developers to make JRPGs for the Japanese market. They will continue to do this regardless. They have said repeatedly that they are not giving up on Japan. So what happens to all the JRPGs that don’t sell well in Japan? In all likelyhood they will be translated and shipped to other portions of the world. Currently Microsoft has about 10 JRPGs in development. They are doing everything they can to get away from being a FPS/Hardcore gamer system to an all around/ everyone system.

    Blind Fanboyism is great for the company you support but could be horrible for you as a gamer. Being a Nintendo fanboy as a kid I missed out on the Genesis opting for the SNES. The SNES was a great system, but the Genesis played better and had really good games.

    Thankfully by the time the PSone and N64 were released I could afford to buy both of them. Last Gen I bought the PS2 3 months after launch and the Xbox 1 year after launch. I never would have thought that I would like the Xbox more but in the end it was no contest. Playing one at your friends is one thing but owning a system is different. If you can afford to get all three systems (I can) then go with the 360 first. If I could only afford one system I would go with the 360. Sony is trying to copy their online and MS will have tricks up their sleeve to push themselves ahead of Sony. If you haven’t spent some serious time with Live than you are missing a huge portion of console gaming. This is what will pursuade me to get a PS3. If the online is good I will pick one up. If it falls on its face then I will skip it all together. Friends will have the system and I can always go play the games I want at their house.

  • TTgowings: you complain about all the trash talk out there, yet you indulge in the same. You say that games with online will cost 10 – 30 percent more, yet don’t substantiate that with any evidence. There are lots of PS2 games that support free online, and they aren’t any more expensive than other games.

    Matt: I didn’t know Guitar Hero was coming to the 360. Cool. Link please?

    Matt: You say that small developers are abandoning the PS3. Please cite examples. I know of only one PS3 game cancellation, and no it wasn’t that false cancellation that made the news a while ago.

    As well, you say that the 360 has great game coverage. That flies in the face of what everyone else is saying. The 360 is famous for only supporting a couple game types like racing games and FPS’s.

    You also say the competition is beating the crap out of Sony “right now”, which is one of the stupidist things I’ve heard. The PS2 is still selling quite well, and lots of games are still coming out for it.

    You say Blu-ray movies use MPEG2 and only look marginally better than DVD. Which is also patently false. You obviously haven’t read the reviews of all the BD titles out there. There are problems, yes, but your statement is way off the mark. Some of the BD titles look quite good. Part of the problem is the Samsung player, which Samsung acknowledged and is correcting. The BD format is not the problem. BD supports VC-1, just as HD DVD does.

    Like I said in a different post, Sony doesn’t seem to be targetting you. You obviously think that online support is vital to your gaming experience. To me it’s not. If Sony comes out with online support that’s only marginally better than the PS2, I would be satisfied.

    You say that blind fanboyism could be horrible for someone as a gamer. Look in the mirror, Matt. You accuse Sony of failing in so many ways when their console isn’t even on the market yet. This post was about how some people might not find the PS3 so expensive after all, and you’ve made it into your own personal diatribe against Sony, when Sony hasn’t even had a chance to prove itself yet. Sony’s not even in the ring yet and you’re declaring Microsoft the winner.

    I’m trying to say that Sony will have a fighting chance.

  • Here are a some links to substantiate what I was referring to :

    PS3 not just expensive so are its games?

    Sony Executive Says PS3 Titles Will Be High Priced

    Philips 25GB 2X Blu-ray 1 Pack Slim Jewel Case Disc

    And to blur the lines even more on the front of next gen hi-def optical drives:

    Optical device could help read most disk formats

    New lasers from Ricoh read both HD DVD and Blu-ray

    Henning I do apologize if it sounded as I was attacking you or your site in anyway or was bantering, I was just trying to point out a few of the things that I run across on somewhat of a daily basis, in the media, company positioning etc. whilst playing games online and on many forums let alone many of the un-informed fanboys. I saw that you were trying to have a intelligable discussion about what may truly come down the real cruks of the matter is which is the real erson on the street’s descion on which next-gen console to purchase.

  • Chemical O

    Xbox 360games that are not FPS or Racing games
    Exclusives or PC and Xbox

    Gears of War
    Mass Effect
    Allan Wake
    Elder Scrolls Oblivion(maybe for PS3)
    Fable 2
    Lost Planet
    Blue Dragon
    Ninety Nine Nights
    Lost Odyssey
    Dead Rising
    Too Human
    Viva Pinata
    Saints Row
    Bioshock (no PS3 word yet)
    Two Worlds (no ps3 word yet)

    There are more, but these are all I can think of, please add if you know more.

    I personally enjoy western rpgs alot more than eastern ones, so no FF for me.
    Cant stand turned based combat. I think western rpgs are gravitating to the xbox 360, especially after the success of Oblivion. That alone is reason enough for me to choose the 360. Also I think PC and 360 development is not too different, nor is porting difficult.

    I think the proof of this is that Warhammer Online was being run of the 360 at E3, when I heard that I was elated. There is also a strong buzz that Age of Conan will come to the 360, with xbox live, and live anywhere, I think these games will be awesome.

  • TTgowings: None of the quotes in those articles say that PS3 games will necesarily be more than Xbox 360 games. They just say they’ll be more than current-gen games. And there’s also nothing that says it’ll be 10 to 30 percent more for the online, which is what you said.

    And sure, BD media will cost more than DVD media, but it won’t be terrible like some people are making it out to be. I just bought The Terminator on BD for $12 from Amazon, and you know they won’t be making a loss on that.

    That said, I have to turn around and contradict myself a little. 🙂 FutureShop in Canada has some PS3 games on their site at a pre-order price of $75 Canadian, which is $5 more than Xbox 360 titles. Which isn’t much, really. And these are pre-order prices, remember, on titles that aren’t due to actually be sold for another three months, so things can change. But $75 over $70 is a 7% increase, nothing like the 10 to 30 previously mentioned.

  • Personally I would lump 3rd person tactical shooters together with first person shooters as being similar game types. I didn’t recognize lots of the games in Chemical’s list, but I did recognize Gears of War and Chromehounds as shooters.

  • Chemical O

    I would not necesseraly lump third person shooter with 1st person shooter
    Maybe in some cases
    but GRAW and Halo those are pretty different
    so RE4, and any other fps,

  • Matt

    Henning. Right now BD movies that are coded in MPEG-2 are junk. I can’t believe you are arguing about it. Any article that compares the quality of HD-DVD clearly states this. They can fix it when they switch to VC-1 but they haven’t yet. Hence my point about not buying a BD movie right now. Save your money until it is re-released on VC-1. I also just watched a show that said a fingerprint made Terminator unplayable. Not good.

    Don’t mention the PS2 because it isn’t relevant to a Next generation discussion. The PS2 will outsell the PS3. Sony is behind and trying to copy what their competition is doing. They need a Live like online. I have gotten hundreds of hours out of games because I could play them online. The PS2 was no fun online. Although a PS2 like online feature would work for you this is not the case on the the forums I have been on. How are they going to do it without charging? That is what I want to know.

    The XBOX is famous for FPS and Driving games. The 360 is a whole new animal and MS is branching into all areas of games. They are working with developers to create new game types. Sony isn’t from anything I have read. Microsoft wants to be the top dog and they can see from history how to do that. They are doing everything to bring games to gamers in every genre. The more systems that 360 gets into homes is more money developers can make. If MS is ahead by a good margin more of Sonys 3rd party exclusive developers will put games out on both systems. How many games are on PS3 that Sony owns? I predict that FF, MGS4, DMC, etc will work their way over. Its a brand new era.

    Go get a EGM. The latest one has the top 50 new games and the 360 has more than PS3. Not only are their more but games that I want to play and they seem like breakthroughs.

    When a developer I know at EA says that he doesn’t want to program for the PS3 than I call that a problem. Add to that he said that it is no more powerful than the 360 and even if it is you will not be able to tell.

    Again I am not bashing the PS3. Sony is too quite for me and they need to explain how they are going to pull off the crap they have spewed.

  • Matt: you clearly haven’t read all the BD reviews. Part of what I do as the owner of is look at disc reviews. While you’re right that generally HD DVD movies look better than BD movies, that is not the case when comparing all HD DVD movies to all BD movies. Most reviews actually complained that BD movies looked too soft. As it turns out, that’s a fault of the Samsung BD player that will be corrected. Some people have made comparisons between BD on a prototype Pioneer player and the Samsung, and the difference was amazing. See Digital Bits website for more. For more on the Samsun player. check this link.

    MPEG2 is a good codec that makes great looking imagery. It seems at first glance that 25GB is not enough for an MPEG2 movie, but with the latest revelations about the Samsung player and the Pioneer prototype, that now seems up in the air. Either way, the point is moot. BD support the same video codecs as HD DVD. Movies are capable of looking just as good on either, and even though the BD camp MAY have slipped up at the launch, I’m sure they’ll correct the problem.

    To sum up: there’s nothing wrong with the BD format, but the implementation thereof leaves something to be desired up to this point. And I’ll readily agree with you on that point.

    I can mention the PS2 if I want! You said that Microsoft is thrashing Sony right now. Well, what is available right now? The PS3 ain’t. It’s the PS2. You can’t claim that Microsoft is thrashing the PS3 when the PS3 isn’t even released yet.

    EGM has the top 50 new games and the 360 hsa more than the PS3. So what? That means nothing. The 360 has been out for a year. The PS3 hasn’t even been released yet. Of course there’ll be more development going on for the 360. Wait until the PS3 gets a decent installed base (which it will) and then make that comparison again.

    You know a developer at EA that doesn’t want to program the PS3. That’s just one developer, Matt. I’m sure I could find one that says the same about the 360. But who really cares? I don’t see this as being relevant. All developers are biased one way or the other. I know – I’m a developer. As a software developer, I’ve seen what kind of damage Microsoft has done to the software industry and frankly that’s another reason why I don’t want to buy a 360 – it’s from Microsoft. I’m just glad that the competition is offering up something I like, because otherwise I’d be in trouble.

    If you want to see crap spewage, I agree that Sony can put out some ludicrous statements. But Microsoft is the same way. At the 360’s launch (and earlier) they talked like it could cure cancer and procure world peace, if only you bought a 360. Remember Elijah Wood? Remember how they bought off all the bloggers? Slick marketing, and very enticing. You can do that when you have money to burn.

    I don’t deny that Microsoft wants to be top dog. I certainly believe it. And they have so much money they can continue bleeding red until the cows come home to ensure the 360’s success. And if the 360 doesn’t do it, then maybe the Xbox after that will. Who knows? Microsoft is doing what it always does. Throws so much money at everything and everyone until it gets its way. The 360 is good. I don’t deny it. It does have some good games. I don’t deny that either. I’m just sick of everyone beating up on Sony for their supposed “arrogance” when Microsoft is just as slimy or worse. People aren’t giving Sony a chance because the media is full of bad things that get trumpeted about Sony and then quietly get retracted. If you’re a long timer reader of this blog, you’ll know that I’ve noted many of them. Sony isn’t any worse than Microsoft. Personally, knowing what I know about Microsoft and Sony, I even prefer Sony.