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Fantastic MotorStorm Gameplay Trailer | has an awsome looking gameplay trailer from PS3 launch title MotorStorm & it actually looks like a next-gen racing game. It’s great when you see the bodies flying from the impact of other vehicles. 😆


Check it out for yourselves. Just click the Jul 22nd gameplay trailer found at the link below.

Awsome MotorStorm Gameplay Trailer

I have a hunch that Henning will be pleased…

Thanks to ET for bringing this little beauty to my attention. 😀

  • This game looks a lot better than any of the other video footage that has been released & it looks not too dissimilar to the target render footage from E3 ’05.

    Very impressive & looks like a whole lot of fun.

  • Yup! I’m looking forward to it. Now the only question is….

  • the question is…

    does it have more than ONE track in the retail version, or do I have to buy them later on?

    We havent seen ANY other track yet!

    If the game was 10€ with only one track, I’d still buy it!!

  • …is it multiplayer? Especially 4 players?

    Heh. I need to see more tracks than just the canyon one. They can’t just base the entire game around the one area with different routes unless the area is MASSIVE.

    I wouldn’t be too happy paying £40-£50 for a game with just one track no matter how many different routes they have through that track. And don’t even DARE trying to make me pay for extra tracks!

  • Matt

    Sony some info PLEASE!

  • Gary knows me too well. Although the track question is a good one too!