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Pre-order a PS3 for £150 in the U.K.? |

PS3 available to pre-order for £150?According to MCV, Sony is in discussions with UK retailers to try & implement a pre-order payment scheme where you place a deposit of £150 & you should get a PS3 at launch.

In theory a store would get say 50 PS3s & the first 50 people that pay the deposit of £150 would get a PS3 at launch as long as that store gets those 50 PS3s.

If I remember correctly Sony did a similar thing for the PS2 but through Sony themselves & it didn’t cost you £150 to guarantee yourself a PS2. I can’t remember exactly what Sony did with the PS2 launch because I picked mine up from a shop.

I think it’s an excellent idea & it would mean the people that pre-ordered first would stand a very good chance of getting a PS3. Any ideas that prevents the PS3 launch from mimicking the terrible 360 launch is a good thing in my book.

Pre-order a UK PS3 for £150

  • Scott

    The terrible Xbox 360 launch was down to lack of units, and i think this strategy is even worse. So if i was to put down £50 and be the first to pre-order at my store, but 30 people AFTER me put £150 on and they get a PS3 before me, thats a load of bollocks. If i was going to pay the full amount on the day of release it shouldn’t matter if person 31 put more money down on the pre-order.

    The PlayStation 3 launch will be bad, exactly the same as the Xbox 360’s, because Sony won’t be able to cope with the demand, regardless of wether they reach their targets or not.

  • No you have to put down whatever the required amount will be not just a fraction of what they are asking for (if this rumour turns out to be true of course). The retailers would stop taking deposits for pre-orders once their allocation has been snapped up.

    The 360 launch was bad because of the way Microsoft handled it & not just because they didn’t have enough units to meet demand. They should’ve made stores take deposits guaranteeing the people that pre-ordered first a console rather than it being a lottery.

  • Matt

    It sucked I didn’t get my 360 at launch. I kind of knew that anyway. I still got mine 12/29/2006. It was great because I just got a phone call out of nowhere that it was in.

    This is a good idea but it could backfire in their face. Microsoft had a plant breakdown or something where they lost 3 weeks of manufacturing. If Sony falls short of their number and I pre-paid $200 I would be pissed. This could also shorten the number that stores like BB and CC get so waiting outside might not get you one at all.

    I commend them for trying to do something though.