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23 Launch Games – Which Would You Choose? |

I had the opportunity to pre-order a PS3 at the local Toys ‘R’ Us here in Ottawa, so I did so. Later they called me back to inquire about whether I wanted the 60GB HDD or the 20GB HDD. They haven’t said anything about any bundling they might require, but that would be no big deal to me anyway. I plan to buy 3 extra controllers and a couple games anyway.

Which got me thinking, if any bundle would require that I purchase a few games, say three, which would they be?

IGN has twenty-four (yup, 23!) games listed as launch games for the PS3. Check out the list and tell me which three games you would choose.

For me, it was a hard decision, but I guess I’d have to go for:

* Call of Duty 3
* Need for Speed Carbon
* Untold Legends: Dark Kingdom

Homourable Mention:

* Resistance: Fall of Man
* Warhawk
* Marvel: Ultimate Alliance

So, what do you think?

Edit: 23 games, not 24, and in case you’re wondering, here they are:

Resistance: Fall of Man
John Woo Presents Stranglehold
Genji 2
Alone in the Dark
Fatal Inertia
Bladestorm: The Hundred Years War
EA Sports Fight Night Round 3
Tony Hawk’s Project 8
Sonic the Hedgehog
NBA Live 07
Full Auto 2: Battlelines
Marvel: Ultimate Alliance
Ridge Racer 7
Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six: Vegas
Untold Legends: Dark Kingdom
College Hoops 2K7
Madden NFL 07
Tiger Woods PGA Tour 07
Need for Speed Carbon
flOw (PS3 Hub Download)
Call of Duty 3

PS3 Game Release Dates

  • My three choices would be:

    Resistance: Fall of Man/Call of Duty 3
    Tony Hawk’s Project 8
    Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six: Vegas

    I would choose between Resistance & CoD3 based on the reviews & playable demos.

  • Tony’s Project 8 will be my first game by default. The new skaters on the game are awesome, I just hope the gameplay will be a little more next-gen-ish though. As for my second game, yeah probly NFSC.

  • My Three:

    Tony Hawk’s Project 8
    Madden 07
    Tiger 07

    What can I say, I love sports games!

  • Xjavina

    Would have to be

    Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six: Vegas
    Resistance: Fall of Man
    Sonic the Hedgehog

  • Matt

    Call of Duty 3

    I would have to wait on reviews for other games.

  • Michael

    Your list sucks! Untold Legends and Need for Speed = a bit “meh”.

    For me:

    Resistance: Fall of Man
    Rainbow Six Vegas

  • Alex

    Call of Duty 3
    Need for Speed Carbon
    and maybe Resistance: Fall of Man or Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six: Vegas

  • Blue Spotted Frog

    BestBuy in Canada is listing PS3 games on their WebSite for $75 CD. This translates to about $65.74 USD or £35.53 GBP at today’s rates. $50 USD for games seems to high to me. $60 ( XBox 360 ) is outrageously high. $66 is a beyond the limit for me. I draw the line at $60 and there is no acceptable reason in my book for charging $66 for PS3 games when XBox 360 games are $60 and Wii games will likely b e $50.

    So my answer to this question is – none. I will not being any PS3 games at launch ( if these prices turn out to be real ).

  • Inspectre

    Ridge Racer 7 maybe if I could get some info on the darn thing.

  • The lack of info on Ridge Racer 7 is what made be go for Need for Speed instead.

  • NHL2k7 after seeing they demo it at Gamespot some weeks ago at EA! Man, I love that game!

    Sonic, if its as good as its Mega Drive predecessors

    And Rainbow Six… I loved the first to games… Maybe they dont screw up again…

  • Resistance
    Ridge Racer 7

    I can’t wait for resistance fall of man, I’m almost drooling just thinking about these three.

  • Xjavina

    The whole PS3 price issue doesnt bother me at all, if games cost £60 id still buy them, and heck id pay £1000 for a PS3. But then again price never affected my decisions. I just thought ok which one is better, A or B. I really want A but it costs X amount. B is ok and it only costs Y amount. Id never buy B just because of Y, cos id know id never be happy as id always want A.

  • Maffy

    I was under the impression Motorstorm was a launch title. If it was it might go on my list, as Need for Speed/RR don’t seem very innovative as racing games to go on my list. Apart from that I would go with:

    Resistance: Fall of Man
    Rainbow Six (Las Vegas)

    However I’ll probably only get 2 launch games like I did with the PS2. If if I can even afford the system itself!

  • hotcarl

    My 3 will be…

    Fatal Inertia
    Bladestorm: The Hundred Years War

    and definately downloading
    flOw (PS3 Hub Download)

    Also I will probably get

    Stranglehold and Untold Legends

  • phipscube

    I will buy only one or two games at release, but if it was three it would be:-

    Sonic The Hedgehog (If its as good as the DC version)
    Ridge Racer 7 (Im a sucker for Ridge)
    Warhawk (Wanna try that tilt)

    Will definately get flOw too, I love XBLA games, so these HUB games will be cool too I hope.

    If Motorstorm makes the release date that goes straight to number 1 on the list for me.

  • Extra Terrestrial

    I NEED Ridge VII similar to the prospects of having a toilet break but only by holding on so long for the event to be launched upon the drizzling liquid.

    I am not 100% sure about the rest considering I haven’t seen a vast amount of detail within every title but over half of the list states multi-format games, which is disappointing.

    The lack of – and Gary will agree with me! – DMC4 any where near launch would probably mean I will get Genji 2 to use the experience as a ‘filler’ before the ultimate journey can be taken place with my friend, my brother, my king Dante.

    Can somebody please state what games are EXCLUSIVE to the PlayStation 3 please. I think I can count eight (including the Flow download) but correct me if I’m wrong!

  • I also counted 8 exclusive unconfirmed launch games, which isn’t too bad.

    I agree with my good friend ET, if DMC4 was a launch game I would make damn sure I got a PS3 at launch regardless of my financial situation.

  • Just Warhawk for me. The only game that makes the tilt function look awesome right now.

  • SyKo

    Whens Metal Gear Solid 4 comming out???

    hope its soon after the release

  • SyKo


    Need for Speed Carbon
    Call of Duty 3
    Tony Hawk project 8

  • Here are some videos from Marvel: Dark Alliance.

    Doesn’t look so good. Well, to be accurate, it looks nice, but the gameplay doesn’t look any different than what we’ve seen before. Characters passing through one another when punching, swinging, whatever.

  • darrin

    Resistance is a must buy
    Warhawk looks awesome. I’m skeptical that it will make the launch but I can’t wait to get it.

    If that many titles come out, I will easily buy 4 or 5, but I couldn’t say which. It really depends on how good they look after I read all the final reviews and feedback.