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Smackdown v Raw 2007 Not on PS3 |

No longer on PS3There is to be no Smackdown v Raw 2007 on the PS3. The rumour appeared on the official THQ German forum on Saturday night after some eagle eyed fans noticed the PS3 logo had mysteriously disappeared from the official SvR2007 website.

THQ’s Max Stellar apparantley posted in the thread & allegedly confirmed that the development team wanted to concentrate on the three other platforms (Xbox 360, PS2 & PSP) as the PS3 version wasn’t going to be finished in time.

Then yesterday THQ Europe released the following:

The next installment in our perennial SmackDown franchise is slated for release across multiple game systems this holiday. The highly anticipated WWE SmackDown vs. Raw 2007 is scheduled to ship for Xbox 360, PSP and PlayStation 2 in November. Consistent with our goal of delivering the highest quality content across all next-gen platforms, we have decided to postpone the debut of the SmackDown series on PlayStation 3 until the holiday 2007 timeframe.

So there you have it. No PS3 Smackdown v Raw 2007 on PS3 this year.

Smackdown v Raw 2007 cancelled for PS3

  • tobi

    how come other develpoers can make november release date and the end of the year but thq cant, i want a REAL reason THQ!!!

  • Matt

    It probally is due to unfamiliarity with the PS3 hardware. This might happen with a couple of franchises but should stop pretty quickly. I really don’t think developers are killing themselves to develop for a brand new console that will have a very small installed base.

    When any new console is released the games are barely next gen. 360 had some games that were direct ports of from its older brother. The cost to make a game that looks good is a lot of money that they don’t want to spend. Once their are a few million systems in households than developers will take more chances.

  • John

    thq should put svr07 on ps3

  • Craig

    Will svr07 still come out for ps3 and be called svr07?

  • Nope it’s not coming out on PS3. WWE isn’t happy about this at all so don’t be surprised if THQ lose it’s license with WWE some time in the future.

    There will probably be a Smackdown v Raw 08 next year.

  • josh

    i think that it should not be put on ps3 cause thats new out and look they can do it on psp ps2 xbox and alll the other old playstations then a little bit later in the future they should then make the game for the ps3