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Tony Hawks Project 8 Gameplay Footage |

I’ve never hidden how much I enjoy the Tony Hawks series (well apart from THPS 4 & onwards) & after watching a new gameplay video on GameTrailers, I’m one very happy gamer!

It looks great, especially the slo mo sections where the camera zooms in & you see the different ways the skaters use & position their feet on the board to pull off tricks.

Tony Hawks Project 8

I wonder if the slo mo will be a part of the game, maybe you build up your special meter & once it’s full you press a certain button which initiates the slo mo & you can pull of complicated tricks.

Check the link below & choose the July 22nd gameplay trailer:

New THP8 Gameplay Video

  • medioloco

    The slow mo is also called nail a trick….
    The nail the trick mode uses an entirely different control system. When you get in the air, things slow down a bit and the camera swivels around to show a clean view of the board and your skater’s feet. Each analog stick controls a foot, from the sounds of things, and pushing in different directions causes the board to flip and spin in different directions, essentially letting you pull off your own tricks. The cleaner your direction taps are, the faster the board will spin, rewarding players for clean, methodical actions instead of just letting you jerk the sticks around and hope for the best.


    [Edit: link]