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Tokyo Games Show ’06 Exhibitors List |

I’m really looking forward to the Tokyo Game Show, scheduled to be held Sept 22, 23 & 24, and I was checking out their website & noticed a list of exhibitors that have been confirmed for the event.

Tokyo Game Show ’06

I won’t list all of them but here’s a couple of the big hitters that will be present:

Sony Computer Entertainment Inc.
Square Enix

I’m hoping to see Devil May Cry 4 & Resident Evil 5 from Capcom. A new Dynasty Warriors game from KOEI. A new MGS4 trailer from Konami. Some gameplay footage of Ridge Racer 7 from Namco. Some more playable demos from Sonic by SEGA.

I’m also expecting Sony to reveal some more info & footage of SingStar, Eye of Judgment and possibly another big title that they are secretly working on. I’m also hoping Sony release a ton of info about the PS3’s online capabilities & to announce an official list of launch games & the price of the games.

Last but definitley not least is Square Enix & I’m banking on them showing some new footage of FFXIII.

That’s just a few things that I’m predicting from TGS ’06. What are you guys & girls hoping to see at the TGS?

List of Exhibitors Confirmed for TGS ’06

  • I want Tekken info! And some gameplay videos

  • Matt

    I want every single detail about online. I would also like to see what happened to Killzone 2. I don’t need anymore CGI. Playable games info and reviews would also be nice.

  • Yep…

    RE5, MGS4 and FFXIII are my absolute favorites here… My brother and his gf were thrilled, when I told them that RE5 will come “soon”… But their exitement drowned, when I said, it wont be on GC… But then again, I said, I will buy a PS3 pretty soon… So no problem here 😀

    Tekken would also be nice, after seeing the crappy pics of E3. Man, that graphics sucked. And some more extra info on Virtua Fighter 5. After seeing the hardware info of the Lindbergh Machine (the Arcade Version of VF runs on it), it should be a breeze to convert it, only some RAM constraints…

    I somehow hope, Sega does a good port of Afterburner from the Lindbergh too and maybe, just maybe, House of the Dead 4 (if the price tag is right… I wont buy a VERY short shooter for more than 30€, besides having to get a lightgun also as todays lightguns arent compatibe with HD)

    And, as Konami is there too, I’d love to see some snippets of Silent Hill 5.