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PS3 SingStar to Support 4 Players? |

SingStarGameSpot has a brief Q&A with SingStar’s senior producer, Paulina Bozek, who revealed a couple of interesting bits of info about the PS3 version of SingStar.

Firstly they are working on releasing wireless Bluetooth mics not long after the PS3 version is released & although they are looking at ways to have four players participating in the PS3 version, it’s something that they haven’t quite been able to get working from a technical point and from a visual point of showing four players what to sing.

You will be able to download songs from SingStore, which contains 100s of songs, meaning you will be able to customise your own personal play-list. Some of the music videos will be in 1080p (or full HD as she called it) which will be great news for that billionaire that owns a 1080p HDTV.

There will also be an online platform known as MySingStar which allows you to upload some of your less embarrassing performances & party pics to share with your online friends. On top of that, there will be competitions & prizes awarded for best user rated performances.

Sounds like a lot of fun for the would be Eminems & Alicia Keys out there!

SingStar Producer Q&A

  • 4 Player boygroup singing? Man, doing that drunk will be killer 😀

    I just hope, the SingStore will be as “cheap” as iTunes (meaning 1€ per song, no more, no less). And I hope, the music genres to choose from will be a bit much wider than that, which is avail. now on the PS2… Man Singstar Rocks! sucked donkey balls… Only 2 good songs (Self Esteem and the on of Nirvana… The others werent even rock, these were more like ballads and stuff… But surely NOT ROCK!).

    As I wont use it too much, my brother and the rest will, I can concetrate more on the more necessary matter, like playing MGS4 or GTA4 😀

  • Phillip Day

    I am looking forward to this game. I hope it has You’ll Never Walk Alone in by Gerry & The Pacemakers. The greatest song ever and the anthem of the greatest football team ever! Liverpool FC!