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Monthly Archives: July 2006

10000 PS3 Dev Kits

July 26, 2006 |

SCEA PR manager Ryan Bowling informed Next-Generation that a number of development kits have shipped to studios, saying:

“The best and brightest development teams are hard at work creating familiar franchises and original IP for the PS3 including – EA, … Read More

Smackdown v Raw 2007 Not on PS3

July 25, 2006 | | 6 Comments

There is to be no Smackdown v Raw 2007 on the PS3. The rumour appeared on the official THQ German forum on Saturday night after some eagle eyed fans noticed the PS3 logo had mysteriously disappeared from the official SvR2007 … Read More

Tony Hawks Project 8 Gameplay Footage

July 25, 2006 | | One Comment

I’ve never hidden how much I enjoy the Tony Hawks series (well apart from THPS 4 & onwards) & after watching a new gameplay video on GameTrailers, I’m one very happy gamer!

It looks great, especially the slo mo sections … Read More

PS3Land Interviews Pixelux

July 25, 2006 |

Remember that cool tech demo from a while ago about Digital Molecular Matter (DMM), to be used in upcoming LucasArts games? And remember that Star Wars game demo from yesterday? Well PS3Land has an interviews with the makers of DMM, … Read More

23 Launch Games – Which Would You Choose?

July 24, 2006 | | 23 Comments

I had the opportunity to pre-order a PS3 at the local Toys ‘R’ Us here in Ottawa, so I did so. Later they called me back to inquire about whether I wanted the 60GB HDD or the 20GB HDD. They … Read More

Next-Gen Force Powers

July 24, 2006 | | One Comment

“Help me Obi-Wan Kenobi, you’re my only hope.” I just happen to be watching this scene right now (or more accurately, listening to it and glancing up every once in a while.) I sometimes listen to music or have a … Read More

PS3 Countdown 22

July 24, 2006 |

Gavin’s on a roll with PS3 Countdown #22, released today. He introduces a co-host – Josh, and talks about Tony Hawk Project 8, MotorStorm, and stuff.

PS3 Countdown 22

Read More

The PS3 is NOT a Toy

July 23, 2006 | | 17 Comments

I’m constantly seeing/hearing/reading people complaining about the price of the PS3, claiming it’s too expensive for a gaming machine. Well it’s time I explained why I feel the PS3 is worth the £425 price tag even though I will be … Read More