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23 Launch Games – Which Would You Choose?

I had the opportunity to pre-order a PS3 at the local Toys ‘R’ Us here in Ottawa, so I did so. Later they called me back to inquire about whether I wanted the 60GB HDD or the 20GB HDD. They haven’t said anything about any bundling they might require, but that would be no big deal to me anyway. I plan to buy 3 extra controllers and a couple games anyway.

Which got me thinking, if any bundle would require that I purchase a few games, say three, which would they be?

IGN has twenty-four (yup, 23!) games listed as launch games for the PS3. Check out the list and tell me which three games you would choose.

For me, it was a hard decision, but I guess I’d have to go for:

* Call of Duty 3
* Need for Speed Carbon
* Untold Legends: Dark Kingdom

Homourable Mention:

* Resistance: Fall of Man
* Warhawk
* Marvel: Ultimate Alliance

So, what do you think?

Edit: 23 games, not 24, and in case you’re wondering, here they are:

Resistance: Fall of Man
John Woo Presents Stranglehold
Genji 2
Alone in the Dark
Fatal Inertia
Bladestorm: The Hundred Years War
EA Sports Fight Night Round 3
Tony Hawk’s Project 8
Sonic the Hedgehog
NBA Live 07
Full Auto 2: Battlelines
Marvel: Ultimate Alliance
Ridge Racer 7
Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six: Vegas
Untold Legends: Dark Kingdom
College Hoops 2K7
Madden NFL 07
Tiger Woods PGA Tour 07
Need for Speed Carbon
flOw (PS3 Hub Download)
Call of Duty 3

PS3 Game Release Dates


Next-Gen Force Powers

“Help me Obi-Wan Kenobi, you’re my only hope.” I just happen to be watching this scene right now (or more accurately, listening to it and glancing up every once in a while.) I sometimes listen to music or have a movie playing in the background as I check out the PS3 news. Today I just happened to find this video about some force powers on a next-gen game. I really have no idea where this gameplay came from, but Joystiq says it’s next-gen, so maybe it’s coming out for the PlayStation 3.

Here’s the point: It’s cool! If you’re a Star Wars fan at all, you gotta check out this tiny video. It’s freekin’ cool!

Edit: I’ve since found out that this is a technical demo of some sort, and who knows what kind of game this might turn out to be.

Some next gen Star Wars love

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PS3 Countdown 22

Gavin’s on a roll with PS3 Countdown #22, released today. He introduces a co-host – Josh, and talks about Tony Hawk Project 8, MotorStorm, and stuff.

PS3 Countdown 22

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The PS3 is NOT a Toy

Worth £425?I’m constantly seeing/hearing/reading people complaining about the price of the PS3, claiming it’s too expensive for a gaming machine. Well it’s time I explained why I feel the PS3 is worth the £425 price tag even though I will be using it mainly for games & DVDs.

When I hear someone say “I’m not paying £425 for a games console!” I immediately think they are looking at it the same way your parents probably viewed gaming when you were a kid: “Oh they will grow out of it once they become adults & join the real world”.

Gaming should no longer be viewed as “being for kids”. According to ESA (Entertainment Software Association), the average age of gamers in North America is 33 & they’ve been playing games for 12 years.

I’m 26 (27 very shortly) & I’ve been gaming since I was 6. So why do people keep saying “I’m not paying £400+ for a games machine!” actually belittling a hobby that brings them a lot of joy & actually treating it as if it’s a toy, when they are more than happy to pay similar amounts for other (more adult classified) electrical equipment that they will also use on a regular basis!

The PS3 is a top of the range gaming machine (well depending on which camp you’re in 😉 ) and if you wanted to buy a top of the range DVD recorder/PC/Laptop/mobile phone/MP3 player/TV etc, most people are quite willing to pay the asking price or close to it. These can range from £200 – £4000.

With products like MP3 players, mobile phones, PCs/Laptops they will usually last around 1-2 years before you need to replace or upgrade to a better version.

Using an MP3 player as an example, you pay £220 for the 30GB video iPod & it lasts 1-2 years before it either dies or you decide to upgrade to a better MP3 player. Let’s just say the newer, upgraded version costs another £220 so in the space of two years you could’ve spent £440 on MP3 players plus whatever it costs for the songs to go on it. This is just an example.

The PS3 should last around 5 years (yeah I know, some people are on their 3rd or 4th PS2, heck I’m on my 2nd PS2 in 6 years but the 2nd one I bought cost me £100) so that £425 you paid for the machine is all you should have to pay until the next super console is launched, possibly 5 or more years down the line. No need to pay more money to upgrade the machine every couple of years.

Now the PS3 plays PSone, PS2 & PS3 games, DVDs, CDs, Blu-ray movies, and you will more than likely be able to browse the web with it. Not bad for something that costs £425. Name one other piece of equipment that can do all that for the same price?

Now I earn a poor wage yet I still believe that £425 for the PS3 is a fair price considering what the machine is capable of even if it couldn’t play Blu-ray movies.

The PS2 cost me £299 when I bought it not long after launch so is the PS3 worth the extra £125? I think so.

Sony isn’t aiming the PS3 at kids, I don’t view it as a toy & I certainly don’t think anybody else should view gaming as a hobby for kids. It should be viewed along the same lines as DVD recorders/PCs/Laptops/MP3 players etc & I think that’s how Sony is trying to market the PS3, as part of your main entertainment hub in your home.

When I get my PS3 it will be going in my living room alongside my TV & DVD recorder & not hidden away in the bedroom or a spare room. I know people have different requirements with different views, but these are my views as to why the PS3 is worth the £425 price & why it should not be viewed as a toy.

Feel free to share your views. 😀


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