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Monthly Archives: August 2006

Fall of Liberty Heading for PS3

August 31, 2006 | | 5 Comments

I’ll give you one guess what type of game it is. A romance em up you say? Nope it’s yet another FPS!!! 😡

I’m really starting to get ticked off about the number of FPS currently in development for … Read More

Half-Life 2 Trailer

August 31, 2006 | | 5 Comments

The Half-Life series is a complicated beast. Whilst the series has serious has prospered on the PC attracting massive critical acclaim it never really got off the ground on games consoles.

The original Half-Life was released in 1998; it took … Read More

Resistance: Preview + Top Features

August 30, 2006 | | 4 Comments

Gamespot just ran a new preview on Resistance with some new screenshots and footage.

Here are the top reasons why I think Resistance is going to be the best game of this season:

  • Multiplayer: Offline and online. Full … Read More

Fight Night Round 3 Confirmed for PS3

August 30, 2006 | | 2 Comments

EA Canada’s Fight Night Round 3 has been confirmed for the PS3 & is set to appear around the PS3’s launch later this year.

The game will include a couple of exclusive gameplay elements for the PS3 version that weren’t … Read More

Kazunori Yamauchi Plays GT & Talks PS3

August 30, 2006 | | 4 Comments

There’s a new Japanese PS3 site aptly named, PLAYSTATION3 Concept Site & on there you can watch two videos of Gran Turismo mastermind Kazunori Yamauchi.

The first video that you can watch here, has Yamauchi-san sitting in the most incredible … Read More

PS3 Link Love 30Aug06

August 30, 2006 |

There’s a lot of PS3 related news coming out lately so click the links & enjoy:

The Darkness Preview Full movies can be watched in the game. Hmm…

Fancy a PS3 bundled with MotorStorm for just £609? 😐 Me neither.

Read More

Kaz Hirai Interview

August 30, 2006 | | 3 Comments has an interview with SCEA President, Kaz Hirai and he is understandably upbeat about the PS3 meeting it’s launch deadline.Read More

Screenshot Madness

August 30, 2006 |

Sorry I don’t have a lot of time to put up images for you, but here are three games that QJ.NET found a bunch of screenshots for:

A Metric Ton of Armored Core 4 Photos! New Screens for Fatal Inertia! … Read More