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PS3 Interface Video |

This site provides a nice write up on the PS3 media browsing interface.

PS3 Interface Shot

It looks really elegant and simple. My one concern is that it provides more elaborate sorting and categorizing capabilities, like iTunes, when you build larger media collections.

PS3 Interface Video

  • SyKo

    old news, but i saw a dodgey video of it, maybe this 1 is better.


  • Matt

    I have the same concerns as you darrin. It looks easy to use but what if I have 500 songs on it? What If I have 1000 pics?

    We won’t know until it is released. They should be able to update it like 360 does, so any launch problems that they didn’t see can be fixed after the public starts complaining.

    One thing that people have complained about is the 360 interface. I really like the 360 interface. If my girlfriend can figure it out anyone should be able to (she doesn’t game much)

    The reality is I want it to organize my files and be easy to learn. 360 has done this and I think the PS3 UI should be easy as well. If I had one wish it would be that it wasn’t so plain. It isn’t exciting to me.

  • SyKo

    well, i presume the songs will/ can be sorted by Artist, Album, genre, etc.. cuz then it will be easy to navigate though the songs and the pics could be sorted by “Collections”.

    (i hav 2144 songs on my Ipod Video, and i sort it by artist, (using a click wheel) and its really simple and easy)