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New Full Auto 2: Battlelines Images | has 4 new images of PS3 exclusive racer Full Auto 2: Battlelines & I’m not too impressed with what I’ve seen so far. The buildings in the background look a little bland & it doesn’t look a lot better than the 360 original which was rushed & wasn’t exactly a big hit.

Still I wasn’t expecting a lot from this game but I wonder what Pseudo Interactive’s excuses will be if Full Auto 2 fails to improve massively over the 360 version? They’ve been working on this game even before the original was released on the 360 so they can’t say it was rushed out for launch.

New Full Auto 2: Battlelines Images

  • Matt

    They have so much to fix from the first one. I don’t know, I wouldn’t pick this up until multiple reviews have been written with high praise.

  • mcloki

    Totally agree. Craptastic. It looks like very early in the production cycle. No grace on the models at all, just a flashy texture job on really low poly count models. hopefully they will do better before launch.

  • I really hope they bring twisted metal to the PS3. I may pick this up to get my fix until then though …