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Sony Reveals How to Transfer PS2 Data to PS3 |

PS3According to the North American PS3 website all you will need to transfer your PS2/PSone saved data to the PS3 is a memory card adapter:

To use saved data on a PS2 memory card, you must copy the data onto a virtual memory card within the hard disk. This requires a PS2/PSone memory card adapter to copy the data to your PS3. A memory card adapter is designed to edit up/download game saves to & from EMS flash card or smart media card.

Great news. I just hope it’s bundled in the box rather than having to buy it separately although I can’t see Sony doing the former.

What do you guys/girls think about this? Maybe Microsoft should’ve done something like this for the 360.

Transfer PS2/PSone Save Data onto Your PS3 via a Memory Card Adapter

  • Scott

    Microsoft should have done something like this, and well done to Sony for doing this.

  • tobi

    so i can switch my PES5 option file over to the ps3, awesome!

  • bunnyhero

    i think it’s great, even if the adapter costs extra. since the save is transferred to the HD, you only need to buy one for a group of friends.

  • Børten

    …But you’ll still have to buy it for one-time-use..
    This gadget better be cheap!

    However, they could make it so that you could upload the save-games online from the PS2 (is it Central Station they call it??!?). And then access the data from your PS3.

    Consumer-friendly, but no income for Sony…

  • phipscube

    I’m just glad the option is going to be there. I don’t care if we have to pay extra for it. Although a simple USB adapter would be nicer. This method gives the impression that you need a flash memory card first, that you transfer to, then from the flash you transfer to HDD. Thats ok, but you need to buy a flash memory card too (If you dont already have one).

  • That’s great news, now I wonder if they will make an adapter for PS2 controllers. I want to use my tekken arcade stick for tekken on PS3! And DDR games on PS3 too, lol.

  • Matt

    I have no problem with them charging for it. It saves them money and not everyone will use it. I personally won’t. It is good to see that they are releasing this. I honestly think they should have put a PS1/PS2 memory card slot in the PS3. How much could it really cost them to add one when they have built around 250 million of them. 360 is different because not many Xbox owners had a memory card (for obvious reasons). 360 still needs a solution (for the Halo 2 freaks that want their info on 360)

  • ehandlr

    If they put the PS1/PS3 memory card into the PS3, then they would have to support it even in future endeavors. Not to mention, I’m willing to bet only about half or less of the Ps3 consumers will even care about it. I personally will never use it. I’m completely content with common media formats used to save games, transfer data, and download/host on the itnernet with.

  • As I own a PS2 Network adapter and I use the Exploit to directly run games off of my harddrive, to stop all the disc swapping and stuff, I have the ability to directly access the devices inside the PS2. So that way, I can directly access the Memory Stick and download the data included on it to my PC, not by using some “special extra” software, which encrypts the data. I can access the files DIRECTLY. I hope, that way, I can move those files onto my PSP/Memory Stick and then transfer this data onto my soon to be arriving PS3…

    But as I know how Sony “works”, I wont be able to do that…

    Darn it, but I wont buy such a device… Renting maybe, if I ever come across one, but I wont buy such a thing for hard earned money. I will only moan about my GT3/4 and FFX savegames…

  • I think this is great news. I plan to ditch my PS2 once I get my PS3, and I want to port all my PS2 savegames. I don’t mind paying extra for the device – that way people who don’t need it don’t need to pay for it.

  • Bosco

    I have the ps3 and memory card adapter and if you ever plan to transfer your saves from ps3 to a ps2 memory card for backup—then forget it. what you save on the hdd stays on the hdd. so if i want to give new levels i unlocked to a friend that doesnt have a ps3, then i cant do it cause i cant recopy it back to the ps2 memory card. absolutly useless.

  • aa7

    so, in brief sentences… all I need to transfer PS2 saves to the PS3 is a “memory card adapter?” how does that work… anyone tried it yet?

  • Silly Greedy Sony

    Just for the sake of bitchin’…

    You’d think that in showing my brand loyalty by purchasing a PS3 on top of my PS2, and considering that both of these units have these nifty things they call Ethernet jacks that let them talk over these newfangled Internets, Sony would be nice enough to make a simple interface for my PS3 to talk to my PS2 and access the memory card that way. Or USB to USB over a flash drive, since both devices also have that neat little feature. But no, instead I have to go buy a stupid one-time thing that costs 20c to make and $15 for me to buy…

    Anyone heard of any software tools (read cracks) for making the PS2 and PS3 talk over the network?

  • ps fnatk

    WOW! Only $15!!! Thanks for the info Silly Greedy, I’ll go get one.