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COD3 – Split-Screen Internet Play |

Several of you know that I think multiplayer is what playing video games is all about. And I don’t mean internet play. I mean playing video games with friends, shooting the breeze, eating some snacks and complaining that Steve took the last brownie.

Usually I play with three other friends, but sometimes just two of us play those games that are are two-player co-op, like LEGO Star Wars. Internet play never really appealed to me, but with this latest move from the makers of Call of Duty 3, I may have to check it out.

They’re going to support split-screen internet play. So now I can have a friend over to play co-op, over the internet! We can get killed over and over and over again by people we don’t know, together!

What fun!

Call Of Duty 3 to Have Spilt-Screen Internet Play

  • Sounds cool, I’ll have to pick that up 🙂

  • Matt

    Henning, you are going to love online play. If Sony gets the online close to Live than you will understand why I want a great online service. I have moved around a lot and playing with friends and family who live thousands of miles away is awesome. With a good/clear headset it is like they are right next to you. The best part is that you don’t have to share your screen!(this game you can if you want)

  • kyle

    Hey some one tell me how to play co-op/split-screen answer soon

  • Unfortunately, that was for the Xbox 360, but not the PS3. 🙁