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HDRI – What’s the Fuss? |

HDRI, or High Dynamic Range Imagery, is the buzz in CG circles of late. c|net has a small article discussing HDRI and how it applies to photography, though if you read between the lines you’ll see how it can be good for video games as well.

The problem with most imagery is that the dynamic range is too low. You can’t have a photo that shows off nice details in the shadows, as well as nice details in the bright areas. You can only do one or the other. HDRI helps to solve that.

The only problem for us future PS3 gamers is that the RSX in the PS3 won’t support both HDRI and anti-aliasing at the same time, or so I’ve heard. We’ll have to see once the games start coming out.

Was it done with a lens, or a brush?

See also this GameSpot Forum post and this article about Ninja Theory.

  • francois

    Lately I came to question the need for anti-aliasing when we have high definition display. When I play games like Call of Duty 2 or Toca Race Driver 3 PC games in 1650×1050, I always turn off the anti-aliasing to get the performance boost. I don’t see that much of a difference in the visual unless I look very closely.

  • Just curious what type of tv do you have?

  • Are you asking Francois or me? He’s talking about PC games, of course, but he has an LCD HDTV. Me, I have a Hitachi 57T500 CRT rear-projection TV.

  • The problem with HDR Rendering is just…

    Our Screens (on top of all LCDs, but also including CRTs, Plasmas and of Course the rear projectors…) CANT produce REAL HDR Images! Their contrast is too low. For real HDRI you need about a 50000:1 contrast ratio, which only CRTs come even close these days.

    But now to HDR and AA… The problem lies mostly inside the drivers (look at the chuck patch for Oblivion) or the engine (GRAW), that AA cant be combined with HDR. If one programs right, it can be done, BUT with FullHD you dont need that much AA anymore.

    I’d rather have DoF (Depth of Field) effects, that “hide” the jaggies in the background. AA is the “wooden hammer approach” (the “german literal translation” for a VERY raw approach) for filltering theses jaggies. If done right, Sai2 or AdvMame filtering is much nicer (for comical games for example) and takes WAY less power to do so (my Laptop for example emulates a full PSX at 1400×1050 with higher internal resolution (pseudo FF approach) and Sai2 filtering AND pixel shader picture smoothing at (w/o framelimiter) up to 500fps, in laptop mode!!).

    And if ones interested, I will be getting a Samsung WS32Z409T in 2 weeks (finally got enough cash together). It’s an 32” HD-Ready HDTV CRT with HDMI, super fitting the PS3 😀

  • francois

    Tosh: My PC lcd is a Gateway FPD2185W 21 which support HDPC. I hope the PS3 will work on it through DVI. 1650×1050 is 16:10 widescreen. Jaggies are hard to see on these resolution.