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If you’re at all interested in MotorStorm, then you might want to read this article about the game. They discuss a few interesting things. For one, there’s going to be seven different vehicle types, with 5 vehicles in each group. As well, environments are somewhat destructible, because it’s possible to ruin a ramp for further use, thus forcing you to take a different path.

As well, the tracks behave differently each time you pass over them, because you change them from run to run. And as you drive those tracks, you’ll also have to watch out for your fellow drivers, because they’re tring to add some character to your opponents. What kind of character? The kind that’ll try to run you off the road – that kind!

[Edit: Ooops, I forgot to mention. You’ll be able to use your own music in the game! Great!]

MotorStorm Preview & HD Video

  • thomas

    Lookin lovely!

  • That part at the end of your post is great news & just what I wanted to here!

    But I’m still waiting to see if the entire game is based in that canyon or if there will be other tracks to cause havoc on?

  • Matt

    Henning good info. Have you heard anything about all PS3 games having the option of using your own music?

    The whole track changing thing is great. That is what next gen is. The old gen couldn’t do that (lack of memory)

  • Each game developer can decide whether or not to use music found on the PS3. AFAIK, Sony is not giving them any “push” one way or the other, which is unfortunate. But this is just going by rumours anyway, so who knows?

  • Matt

    I wish they would do what the 360 does. The 360 does the work. The developers only have to tag the music when they build it and the 360 can replace with user music. This would be much nicer (most games you want this feature to have do have it, but Xbox last gen had a couple of racing games that didn’t and it sucked).

    If you didn’t buy an Xbox last gen this is a really cool feature. Having your own music in certain games really adds to the fun factor.