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My Concerns for the PS3 |

I have two main concerns for the PS3 & I thought I would share these ‘concerns’ with you all.

Some people may share these concerns, others may not, heck you might even be able to lay my fears to rest.

Concern no.1: Will my PS3 look good on a SDTV? There’s no way I’ll be able to afford a HDTV anytime soon so if I got a PS3 it would be plugged into this SDTV.

Henning has mentioned that his friend Todd uses his 360 on a 32″ SDTV and it still looks a lot better that his Xbox. When I do upgrade to a HDTV, I will go no smaller than 40″ but HDTVs over here in England around that size & above, cost around the £1500+ mark. Way out of my price range. I’ll just have to see with my own eyes if I get one at launch.

Concern no.2: You will be able to go online with your PS3 but will you be able to protect your PS3 from viruses, spyware etc? Also will you be able to defrag your hard drive? How secure will your PS3 be when you’re online?

Will Sony offer protection via it’s online service or will you be able to install virus/spyware/firewall protection in the same way you would on a PC?

Do you have any concerns for the PS3 other than the predictable price, backwards compatibility & lack of developers support?

  • Seems as those a few guys seem to agree that the PS3 will look good on a SDTV, via Henning’s HDTV & PS3 post. I won’t have a choice in the matter anyway if I got one.

    I just wish a big wad of cash would just magically appear before me…

  • darrin

    My concern is that Sony will fail to deliver on what they’ve announced: Either the key games or the console itself misses the holiday launch, they produce far fewer units than the the four million that they have targeted for calendar 2006, or there are major hardware problems or defects.

    If they do deliver, the hardware doesn’t flake out, the Blu-Ray movie playback is stable, backward compatibility is solid, and either Resistance or Warhawk turn out to be half as good as I think they will be (and my expectations for those titles are *sky high*), I will be a really really happy consumer.

  • mcloki

    I think PS3 on SDTV will just drive you to buy an HDTV. And I’m sure that Sony will be bundling the PS3 with their HDTV’s. The PS3 is less of a loss leader when it’s coupled with an HDTV. Again i just hope the BD works as promised.

  • I’m not concerned about BD for playing movies, so that’s one area that doesn’t worry me. I don’t buy many DVDs anyway so it’ll be a while before I move on to the HD-DVD v BD war. Hopefully by then it will all be sorted & there will either be a clear winner or a compromise between the two rivals/

  • Darth Pixel

    Yes, it will look good on SDTV sets, just not as good as on HDTV sets.

    Don’t worry about viruses and such…PS3 is not going to run Windows and few details will be available on how to exploit its OS.

    Concerns are many and varied:

    1) The hardware must be without defect. Defects will be deadly at this point.

    2) At least 1 launch title must get people talking and reassure the masses the price is justified.

    These 2 points are key to have good games coming to the platform fairly fast.

  • Tomas

    I don’t think viruses or spywares will be a problem if Sony incorporate some Linux technology into the PS3 (things indicate that as you know). As a multimedia machine it’s less threatend by viruses in general and as a computer (through Linux) it’s much more secure then if Windows had been running. Though I doubt a totally free and open Linux will be there we will see some from it 🙂

  • I’m not worried about viruses. You need to develop the virus for the PS3, and who has development kits right now? Just game developers, and it’s unlikely that they will develop viruses. If Linux is flexible enough, I can imagine someone writing a virus for PS3 Linux, but that would be a lot of effort, and there’s just so many more Windows users out there, why target the PS3? This is largely what has kept OSX safe. Plus, if you keep your nose clean by refusing to download stuff etc, that’s an extra layer of protection.

    As far as my concerns go, they are similar to those voiced above. I just want Sony to deliver what they’ve seriously promised. (I say “seriously” because I take all the pie-in-the-sky statements from Sony as just that.)

  • First of all…

    If the PS3 is based on Linux, and if it is programmed and set up right, no virus in HELL!!! can fork up my PS3. As on Linux, root and userspaces are completely seperated, executing a virus so it has root access is VERY hard, if not impossible (through kernel exploits and whatnot). The other thing is… Mainly todays virusses are travelling thru emails to multiply. I dont know if the PS3 even has a mailclient. Okok, Webbased email still is a concern, but todays virusses are Windows compatible only. And as Linux WARNS you, if you log on as root (which NO ONE should do),and only then are you vulnerable.

    And by the way, nearly every Linux distribution offers a free firewall and antivirus for download…

    This is one of the key benefits of Linux! (better stability and more choice in software and… are only some others… plus, its FREE!!)

    Will my SDTV be a good player?? Dunno, my 14” wont be 😀 (getting a new one in 2 weeks, FINALLY!), but…

    Better graphics not only are dependant on higher resolutions… This is just one of MANY stones to catch… Higher complexity in vertices and textures, shaders and overall size of the game are the MAIN factors, why new gaming systems arrive. The 32mb (plus 4mb vram) just arent enough to make bigger games. Even the PS2 can produce (theoretically) higher resolutions (meaning 480P/576P in Germany), but hardly anyone complained about that…

    And, if you cant afford that big HDTV you want, just buy a standard 19”+ computer LCD… They are really getting affordable (I payed 230€ for mine, but mainly use it for texts et al. My CRT is used for color critical things!) and pretty good.

    Just my 2€Cents though 😀

  • 1. I think it will look great on a sdtv. Just like the 360 does. But it looks fantastic on a hdtv.

    2. No worries over viri. The Xbox brand has been successful at keeping those issues from worrying gamers. But the argument that because it uses linux, is.. a little one sided. People make viri to get attention and for challenge. Windows is targeted because it’s what will get the most attention on the home computer front. Guess who’s the mass market leader in the hoem console front? Right now, it’s a Sony. ^^ And it’s not all about choosing not to download things. There are times when you’re downloading and don’t know it. If this was a linux machine you had complete control over, obviously this wouldn’t be an issue. You have all kinds of ways to know when something is going on. But this isn’t likely to be a completely open solution. I am quite sure Sony will have strong safe guards for issues like these.. but sony’s software guys ahve proven with the root kit whoo raa that software, isn’t their strong point (not talking about games).

    3. I think the real problem is the games as one person said here already. Will there be a killer app. One of the most disappointing things about the 360 launch was, there was no killer app. Ironically enough the system itself was soo good that it keep me interested without a killer app.

  • oh. and one more thing. Regarding the dev kits.. Henning’s Right. No one has those but devs right now. So the issue really won’t be a concern for a bit at least, if ever. But in 7 month after launch, non-devs will have them. That I can promise you. And in 7 months after launch, you can all me on it.

  • Matt

    PS3 will look awesome on a SDTV… until you play on an HDTV. Once you play on a HDTV it will become an obsession.

    The nicest thing to new hardware is not graphics IMO. I like the new hardware for better physics, larger worlds, more enemies, better A.I., etc. Graphics are nice, but this hardly makes a great game. GTA was a bad looking game but I had hundreds of hours played with the 3 versions on PS2.

    When I bought my HDTV, I put $880 down on it and charged the rest through Circuit City. They had 12 months no interests. I could afford $100 a month with no problem so I bought it. Hopefully there are stores that do the same thing in Europe. This might be an easy way to get the HDTV you desire.

    Viruses should be a non-issue but no one will know until one happens (if ever)

    Buying a PS3 at launch will be tough. If you have never bought a system at launch before, you might be disappointed after a few months. Early in a consoles life their are game shortages (nothing YOU want to play). This can be hard for gamers who play a ton. If you are willing to go through periods where their isn’t a lot of games on PS3 (PS2 has good stuff coming out) then you will be OK. Sometimes waiting 6 months or more can give you more satisfaction because usually by then games are pretty regular.

    I am waiting on a PS3 because I own a 360 and their are way to many games coming out on 360 I want. This also lets the dust settle and I will have a much better idea of what is going on. I wanted a HD console and I got one. The need to rush out and get a second console and go through the game drought again isn’t their (and saving a couple hundred bucks doesn’t hurt either).

  • Brandon

    2. Supposedly a defrag program couldn’t run in userspace because it would need lower-level access. So, until someone writes a kernel-level defragmenter that works with all the formats available on Linux, don’t plan on seeing a real defrag program for Linux.

    However, on the subject of fragmentation, supposedly Linux’s policy for selecting available space does a pretty decent job of preventing fragmentation in the first place. I’ve never really noticed any major slowdowns that made me think “man, a defragmenter would really clear this up.” And since Linux uses a separate disk partition for virtual memory instead of a file on an existing partition, you don’t have to worry about “page file fragmentation”-like problems like you do on Windows.

  • phipscube

    I want to see better physics in games. I’m concerned that games will simply be this gen, but look prettier. I think Assassins Creed and Motorstorm go some way to show that physics are startign to play a big role in this up coming gen. But on my Xbox 360 up to now all I feel like im doing is playing pretty Xbox games. It seems like the same limitations are there. Specifically Human physics. I don’t want to see any more running into walls and STILL my legs move, or running on the spot or sinking into the scenery problems. Strip the Fancy GFX off DOA4 and you have DOA1 physics wise.

    To me, Next gen is more about what programmers can do underneath all that pretty effects generation. If this doesn’t improve i’d rather just own a Wii because then all that fancy processing is pointless in the two big boys.

  • Kevinorriss

    Good point, there is a video on showing a comparison between the ps2 and ps3. It is basicly an old basketball game against the newest one.

    On the old one the players entire body would move to face the ball, on the new one the character will twist his hip and look over his shoulder.

    Also it will have its feet locked to the floor so no more M Jackson moonwalking in next gen.