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Partial NFS Carbon Car List: Official |

The other day I talked about an unofficial PS3 NFS Carbon car list. Gary pointed out to me yesterday that the official list is slowly being unveiled in pieces. Here are the first dozen:

  1. BMW M3 GTR (2003)
  2. Daimler Mercedes-Benz CLK 500 (2005)
  3. Ford Mustang GT (2006)
  4. Lamborghini Murcielago (2004)
  5. Lotus Elise 111R (2004)
  6. Porsche Cayman S (2006)
  7. Toyota Supra (1998)
  8. Volkswagen Golf R32 (2006)
  9. Fiat Alfa Romeo Brera (2006)
  10. Daimler Chrysler 300C SRT-8 (2006)
  11. Nissan 350Z Fairlady Z (2006)
  12. Audi Le Mans Quattro (2007)

Hmmm. No Mazda3. Well, they still have time to make up for that mistake as this list is widened. After all they have the VW Golf in there, which is cool. The BMW M3’s appearance is neat, and I look forward to driving the Audi virtually on my PS3 as well. But I’m still waiting for that Mazda3…

Need for Speed: Official Car List, Part 1

  • There better be a 3rd Gen Rx-7 🙂

  • A friend of mine has one of those – they’re really nice! Now I just need to convince him to let me drive it!

  • They are a blast! I have a 93 Rx-7 R1 & a 84 Rx-7 for a daily driver.
    The 3rd Gen Rx-7 R1 is the funnest car I’ve ever driven. Very rev happy 🙂

  • No muscle cars? I mean REAL muscle cars, not the characterless new muscles…

    Man, NFS gets more and more mainstream over time… guess I’ll pass that one over again…

  • Ya, I would love to see some CLASSIC muscle cars. Charger, Camero, Mustang, Corvette, etc. Alot of the new racing games have the Fast & Furious look to it. Get’s very old …….

  • Well there IS a Mustang GT in that list, but it’s from 2006.

  • thomas

    Why do they never make Ferrari’s?

  • I do like the new 2006 Mustang though.

  • I think its because Ferrari charges too much for licences… Just ask Sega (look at Outrun (the original!!))

    Yeah, I see, theres a Mustang in it… But that one sucks bollocks!! Really, there need to be old sportscars!

    Ford GT40 (not ne remade one, but that one is pretty nice thou)
    Charger 440 RT
    Porsche 911 (ok, no muscle, but the old one still rocks, as well as the older GT(S)s ones)

    F&F was a real letdown for the “scene”…

    As I am studying car engineering, I am really disappointed about the “newer” “”sports”” cars…

  • Matt

    I hope they include the 2007 Shelby Mustang GT 500. A 500 hp Mustang would be a lot of fun.

    I would like them to include a GTO from the 60’s. A 1970 Chevy Nova (454 big block) would be a cool muscle car.

  • Mazda 3 … kuch… lemme guess henning, you drive a mazda 3 … 🙂

    It would be very nice if they’d include some real american power beasts like the GTO that was on display on one of the last international auto shows.

    and also real classic muscle cars *drool* Mopar ftw 😀

    – SL33PY