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Resistance will Get a lot of Backing |

You might be a Resistance: Fall of Man fan, in which case you might like the fact that Sony is getting behind the game in a major way.

Sony Computer Entertainment America will support Resistance: Fall of Man with a blockbuster multimillion dollar marketing campaign. This will include aggressive national television, print, online and viral advertising campaigns, full promotional support, dedicated point-of-purchase displays and merchandising support, broad-based public relations support, an immersive and interactive website and feature coverage in the Official PlayStation Magazine/Underground DVD.

Sony really needs some really good exclusive games for the PS3 to make it stand out versus the competition, and it looks like they may think of this game as one of those.

What do you think? Does Sony have enough big triple-A exclusive titles? Is Resistance going to be a big game for them? Something along the lines of a GTA or Halo? Or something just a little shy?

Resistance will get hefty marketing

  • darrin

    This is great news. This means that the guys behind the scenes think it’s as good as I’m hoping and are betting heavily on it.

    Resistance is looking _really_ good so far.

    Viral advertising? I don’t think that I’ve ever seen Sony do that before. I wonder how that will pan out.

  • [Henning: I don’t want this kind of language on my site.]

  • Matt

    ^^^^ I love the 360 but get over it. The PS3 is a great system too, moron.

    Microsoft failed in the advertising department last year. They didn’t do a lot of TV ads or much else. I don’t think they had to because they were the only HD console out, and they didn’t have enough systems to warrant a heavy AD campaign. I expect that strategy to change this year for them.

    Sony will come out guns blazing. They have to. If they don’t have enough systems (which no console launch ever does) they will have to generate enough buzz to get people to hold out a little bit longer. They also need to justify the price (ducks in defensive position).

    Resistance is a game that is:
    A) a new IP.
    B) looks next gen and can combat the 360 titles.
    C) Should have online features that they can tought.

    The PS3 launch only has a couple of exclusive games that interest me. Resistance, MotorStorm (has to be FAST!) and that is about it. The list could get longer but as of now is those to games. They have some great 3rd party support but those games don’t help them differ from 360.

    Get ready to be sick of the consoles. We are going to see Billions of dollars/ pounds worth of game ADs. They get very repetitive.