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Formula One 06 Europe Only! |

I noticed on the IGN website that Forumla One 06 for the PS3 is scheduled to be released in Europe only.

What the?

This is terrible! I’m a big F1 fan and never miss a race. I have an F1 game for the PS2 that my friends and I play every games night at my place. I was looking forward to showing off F1 on my brand spanking new PS3 when the time came, and now this?!?

Come on Sony, gimme my PS3 F1!


IGN: Formula One 06 Preview

  • Won’t this game not be region free though, like Sony claimed?

    They did say ALL first party games would be region free & it’s up to 3rd party developers to decide the region coding for their games.

  • Tomas

    If it’s true it’s sad but you can always import it 🙂

  • Yeah, I can import it. But that always costs a bundle.

    I just hope Sony pulls through with its region-free promise.

  • They did with the PSP… (ok not 100% all games, but many)

    If they’re “for real” with the Blu-Ray statements, the PS3 MUST be region free, or the argument of “all regional versions on one disc” is totally obsolete!

  • The PS3 won’t be region free. They said all games by Sony would be region free & it’s up to other developers/publishers to decide whether or not their games will be region free or locked.

    Segitz, what is meant by your above quote is multiple languages already stored on a disc meaning there should be no delays between a game being released in multiple regions as multiple languages would be on the disc meaning you would just choose your native language and off you go.

  • Since the PS3 is region free you’ll be able to order it from amzon in the UK. As Gary commented, it’s true that the publishers can lock em up, but then again , why would they?