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Full Auto 2: Battlelines Update |

Both GameSpot & IGN have updates about PS3 destruction racer Full Auto 2. GameSpot focuses on the multiplayer side of things, enjoying 8 player mayhem using Sony’s PLAYSTATION network platform. Yes it’s up and running apparantley! They also say that the trigger like R2 & L2 buttons gave the braking & acceleration a more “precise feel”. Henning should be pleased about that. 😀

IGN states that the game was running on final PS3 dev kits and although the game was “an alpha build” & it was running without optimization, there was no slowdown to hinder the game until mass destruction took place in multiplayer games. There was also no lag between the 8 dev kits used to play the multiplayer modes on offer.

The motion-sensor wasn’t used in the game but the wireless connection for the pads was apparantley “extremely smooth and responsive throughout each match.”

Once again you can watch a trailer for Full Auto 2: Battlelines by clicking the play icon at the bottom left hand corner of the image above.

Full Auto 2: Battlelines Hands-on Multiplayer

Full Auto 2: Battlelines Progress Report

  • It looks like Burnout but with weapons. It looks OK but the cars looked like they were on rails.

    It could be fun though to go on a destruction rampage with your friends!

  • Stefanten

    Let’s hope it wont be as bad as Full Auto on the 360

  • Guns and cars are like candy and pizza. Both are good (in games), but not so good together.

  • Mmm….candy flavoured pizza. *drools*

    It looks too chaotic but it might be a lot of fun,

    It’s definitley a try before you buy & read countless different reviews type of game.

  • Burnout with weapons? Oh god are you in for a terrible suprise. Hopefully this is a brand new game from the ground up (but doubtful) because the first full auto on the 360, is one of the worse games for the console. It insults your intelligence in more ways than one. I could feel brain cells dying off as I played this game. It’s everything I hope next gen would NOT be about. Flashy gimics that aren’t even good at being flashy gimics. If Oblivion was a Caddy, this game is a used Kia from Ebay. Actually, it’s worse. But I decided not to go further. Such a train wreck needs to be seen first hand to be believed.