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No UK PS3 Launch Plans Announced Until Mid-September |

Well that’s if we’re lucky. claims that CentreSoft, the official UK distributor for the PS3, called a meeting a couple of weeks ago with independent UK games retailers to discuss various hypothetical launch scenarios.

Amongst the “hypothetical scenarios” that were discussed, was the £150 deposit plan. An anonymous retailer had this to say about how the scheme could pan out:

“The brief was: guaranteed day one stock – if I take 400 orders I get 400 on day one, not the launch window. But to ensure that, we’d have to give up the whole deposit to Sony.” the retailer said.

I personally think this is a great idea for people who actually want a PS3 as you will pretty much be guaranteed a PS3 once you’ve paid your deposit. Plus, once the retailer has received deposits for all their allocated stock, they will then stop taking deposits. Well they should!

No launch plans will be announced for over a month but I hope they go with a deposit scheme as it’s probably one of the safest ways for people to get a PS3, while everybody should be informed once a store has recieved deposits for all it’s stock, limiting the amount of people dissapointed if they don’t get a PS3.

I’m still waiting for an official UK price for the PS3. It’s been stated that the 60GB PS3 will cost £425 while the 20GB PS3 hasn’t even been confirmed whether it will hit the UK at all.

However Sony hasn’t actually officially announced the UK price or if both packs will be available at launch, so I’m guessing they’ll announce everything at the same time when they unveil their official UK launch plans, hopefully by the end of September.

No UK PS3 Launch Plans Announced Until Mid-Sept

  • This is a pretty steep deposit, dont you think?

    The same is done by Sony in Germany… Amazon and EBGames offer that for example…

    50€ deposit (33british pounds sterling) with a certificate… Which also gives you a free game!!

    And I just saw… * All games announced cost 69€… Man again a 10€ increase in price…

    *link edited by Gary.

  • I don’t think it’s steep. If you want a PS3 then you’re willing to pay £400+ for it so £150 of that amount will just be paid upfront.

    Plus you know once you’ve paid your deposit you’re pretty much going to get a PS3 at launch.

    In theory.

  • Darth Pixel

    I would pay the full price right now, if it could avoid me messing around on launch day.

  • Nono, dont get me wrong…

    What I meant was, I Germany we only pay 50€ for a certificate (from Sony themselves I believe), which states, that I will get a launch PS3…

    I’d pay 600€ now, if I had them 😀

    I dont like to put up money in front. (Some private concerns with lost interest rates and such stuff… I’m fed up with banks and stuff…) And 150pounds is (to me) too much!