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Final PS3 Dev Kits |

IGN saw the final PS3 dev kits at Sega’s PS3 day and they had lots of good things to say.

They noticed that the unit ran with a “distinct lack of noise and heat”. Sony said the PS3 would be noticeably quieter than the PS2 and it sounds like are going to deliver on that.

They also saw eight dev kits playing Full Auto 2 network matches over the PlayStation Network without any lag at all.

Pseudo Interactive said the dev kit was “extremely adaptive and easy to program for”.

Very good news all around.

Final PS3 Dev Kit Tidbits
Final Dev Kit Video

  • Good find Darrin. Reader Eugene sent this in too, pointing out that the middle button on the new controller does indeed bring up the GUI, as we suspected.

    Some have noted that the GUI thus brought up was rather limited. I have to point out that this is the in-game GUI, which I suspect is pared down from the full blown version that you’d see if you weren’t in-game.

  • Matt

    The button does the same thing on 360. It gives you some options (the important ones) on that screen.

    I would rather pull my hair out that play Full Auto 2. Unless they rebuilt everything from the first one this game is going to suck.

    Nice to hear it is quiet though. The 360 is noisey if you don’t have Digital Surround Sound turned on.

    The lag comment is ridiculous. Their is no-one else on the network. Wait until their are 200,000 people trying to go online. Then I will be impressed. I guess Sony needs some good news though so maybe you should ignore my last comment.

  • darrin

    Matt, I agree 100% with all your points.

    Regarding lag, I really don’t see any reason to expect lag on the PS3 to be any better or worse than on the PS2 or the PC or the Xbox.

    I mentioned the network play as good news because it’s good to know that this thing is really working. No smoke is coming out of it and it’s not dumping TCP errors when you try to play online.

    This is a sign that the PS3 may actually launch on time and work correctly; and that’s great news.