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Leipzig Gaming Convention This Week!! Surprise Announcement? |

The Leipzig Gaming Convention is taking place in Germany this week from 8/23 to 8/27.

I have been expecting that the big PS3 showing between E3 and launch would be the Tokyo Game Show in September and the Leipzig convention would be a smaller event. We have heard that there will be a new MGS4 trailer for this show and I’m sure there will be various other news and announcements.

SPOnG has reported an insider tip that there will be a “major” announcement from Sony on Monday.

We can assure you that this first unveiling will, shall we say, be something you are very unlikely to have foreseen, coming from way out of leftfield.

Wow! A completely surprise unveiling? Something major? On Monday? I wasn’t expecting that at all

Anyone have a guess as to what this may be?

Interesting PlayStation Announcements Planned

  • As they say, it is nothing to be expected, I say, it has nothing to do with the online modes..

    Maybe we get rumble after all??

    Or, theres a naked woman inside the PS3 box?

    Cant tell… Maybe theres a game coming with the retail box?

  • Eugene

    Rumble is the only the only thing that comes to mind.

  • jay

    agreed, I dont see anything else that could be changed or added besides what we know already

  • luke

    if its as big and crazy and way outta left field as they say it is then it wont be rumble IMO

  • SyKo

    The consoles wont be released untill March 2007???

    that sounds wat outta left field… i honestly hope not tho! oh, god… ive jynxed us! sorry guys

  • Børten

    A really BIG announcement would be the new “minority-report-eyetoy”..

    (Yeah, I know, but we could dream…)

  • It could be game related or it could be a load of bull.

    Spong is NOT the most reliable of sources.

    Still I’ll be monitoring Leipzig all the same for any decent PS3 related news.

  • Jay

    maybe its a price drop lol

  • I’m going with no news of significance at all.

    Heard it here first.

  • The only news released by spong regarding Sony and PlayStation is that there will be a pink PS2 available shortly…

    I sincerely hope that was not the BIG news they obviously knew about on friday.

  • Looks like it is. The pink PS2, price drop & a pink PSP was the big news.

  • Hate to say I told you so…


  • They’ve probably noticed how well the Pink Nintendo DS is selling so they thought a Pink PSP (looks OK) & Pink PS2 (it looks horrible) would maybe draw in a few more female gamers.

  • babypheonix

    the news will be sony bought immersion that if Ms or Nintendo want rumble feedback pay Sony or drop it .

  • phipscube

    Bah, I was expecting PS3 news. Pink consoles? nothing new.

    The thing that puzzles me… its not even the game convention till 23rd…. so how is it related?

  • darrin

    I’m hoping the big announcement was postponed to the conference itself. If there is no big announcement, I will feel like an idiot for posting that on this otherwise reputable site.

  • Nothing so far…

  • darrin

    Yes, I know… Ugh… I am a fool for believing a site like spong. Lesson learned.

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