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Now, I don’t know why you’d want to save your games on a memory card instead of the hard drive, but I was looking at the options for Xbox 360 and PS3 owners. At Amazon, for example, the 64MB memory card for the Xbox 360 costs $39.99. To do a comparison, I took a look at Memory Stick media at Amazon that can be used with the PS3. I could also have looked at SD or CompactFlash cards too, but I wanted to keep it simple (read: I’m lazy).

I was looking for MemorySticks in the $39.99 price range, but there was nothing at exactly that price. But close were:

Sony 1GB MemoryStick ($28.83)
Sony 2GB Memory Stick PRO Duo ($44.53)
SanDisk 1GB MemoryStick PRO Duo ($34.99)

Hmmm. 64MB versus 1GB (for cheaper). Is Sony pulling an Apple on us? That is, Apple used to be a purely proprietary company. Now they support a lot of standards like USB, Firewire, DVI, Unix, Java, AIM, etc. To tell you the truth, I was surprised to see memory card readers on the PS3 other than the Sony MemoryStick. What’s Sony trying to do here, give us options?

Like being able to store a bunch of songs on a MemoryStick PRO Duo, and be able to use it both in your PSP and in your PS3? Or videos? Or other stuff? Pshaw! What kind of thinking is that?

  • Man, Memory Sticks are CHEAP in the US…

    I pay 65€ for a Sandisk 2gb (the cheapest) here at

    I was also pretty disillusionated, when Sony said, that it will have card readers for others than the MS. Ok, I couldnt care less (I have a Sony Ericsson mobile, a Sony digicam and the PSP, which all only give me the option of MS…)

    But for music and videos it’d be great… Having that stuff in your mobile for music on the road and the just plugging it into the PS3 to go on listening is pretty nice, I think (I do that with my notebook, which also has a MS reader built in).

    I dont get Microsoft in that situation (but neither DO I get Sony, which is still selling the MCs (8mb for PS2 TM) for freakin 30€ here in good ol’ (ok, there are cheaper opportunities on ebay, but speaking of amazon and stuff…). Who in his right mind would buy a 64mb card for that price? (I still have only 1 MC for my PS2, I would have gone without, but that would have sucked pretty much in games like Final Fantasy or Gran Turismo) And also, if you dont need one at all (I mean, who in his right mind would buy a core 360?)

  • Disillusionated. 😆 Sounds like something Arnie would say: “You have been Disillusionated!”

    I think you mean disillusioned Segitz my friend. 😀

    I have 2 memory cards for my PS2 but I doubt I’ll buy a MS or any other type of storage device to save data on my PS3.

  • See, I wasnt born too far away from Steyr (where Arnie was born) 😀

    Whatever 😀 You know what I mean!!

  • phipscube

    This is something i’ve been trying to highlight on the net in blogs. Sony are really taking all their criticism in the past and making things better.

    PS3 uses standard interfaces throughout.

    Standard Memory cards, and not JUST MS… they are allowing CF and SD. MS is no longer the more expensive now either anyway (Thanks largely to Sony Ericsson phones and PSP).

    Xbox uses mega expensive custom cards (much like PS2), like you say 64MB compared to 1GB? I laughed when Microsoft announced the 256MB card.. WHOOPY DOO!!

    Standard Hard Disk, you can swap out a standard PC drive, 2.5″ are creeping up to and past 200 GB now.

    Xbox uses custom unit that you can only upgrade as and when Microsoft choose to release one, then they will bleed you dry for really low capacity.. your gonna see 100 GB this fall which for me is still too little. PS3 will allow the limit of that format which as I say is fast surpassing 200GB. You will have that option from DAY ONE.

    Standard USB, ok everything uses this now even Xbox 360, but just to point out its standard 🙂

    Standard Bluetooth 2.0 for peripheral connection. 4 game controllers (8 if 4 are wired), and 3 channels for other peripherals which I HOPE means I can use standard PC peripherals such as keyboard etc.

    Xbox 360 uses Custom system once again, you can only use what Microsoft release specifically for Xbox. 4 wireless only.

    Standard WiFi, ok this is pretty standard too for xbox 360 (Apart from you have to buy it even at premium). again just to point out its standard.

    Standard HDMI instead of a custom plug (Ok the analogue system still used the old custom connector, but thats a no brainer). At least they are going forward with a standard lead you can buy in any shop.

    Xbox 360, custom connector again, so they can charge your bollocks off and no pure digital option.

    Basically the PS3’s completely standardized. And its rarely mentioned. I’m glad you have made a point of this Henning 🙂

    Anyone noticed how PSP can play MP3 (standard) and not only that it can play Apple (AAC) and Windows (WMA) AND even the Sony own ATRAC3? what other system can do that? Exactly….. only 3 short years ago a sony player FORCED ATRAC.

    I personally like using flash memory, even if the PS3 will have a HDD, I still like to physically transfer things here and there. for example, game saves to a friends house, or the odd media file I want to show a friend etc. I’m hoping I will be able to take a media file from PS3, to memstick and then have the choice to play it on PSP or another PS3. the media functionality of PS3 with PSP really excites me.

    Im a media freak, I love the potential PS3 is offering. No more wishy washy media functionality I hope! (Especially having to piss around with 1000 different codec configs.. Its a messier situation than necessary)

    I really think as time goes on people are going to like the “Extras” in PS3. I don’t game as much as I used to, the average person doesnt game all the them either. So them options are nice.

  • phipscube

    Oh yeah, I forgot

    Standard $5 USB cable to charge the pad

    Xbox 360 $30 play and charge cable.

    People dont see all this.. .they see

    PREMIUM xbox 360 = $400
    PREMIUM PS3 = $600

    Even then the Premium Xbox 360 doesnt even match the Bog standard PS3.

    People are generally thick as pigs doings. 🙂