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More New Resistance Images | has some more new images of Resistance: Fall of Man & boy do they look great. The detail in the first image is fantastic although I’m not sure if it’s in-game or not.

The colours all seem to be of the same variety but it is meant to resemble a warzone so I guess bright colours are out of the question.

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I think this game will be one of the top sellers alongside the PS3’s launch come November, unless it has some disastrous press between now & then. Let’s hope not.

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  1. I think the first one is in-game, at least during a cut scene anyway. CG is usally smoothened out, but you can see some flat spots in objects that are generally supposed to be smooth. Tough to say really, but it seems like next gen games are generally going in the in-game ggraphics department rather than pre-rendered, so its a pretty good chance that it’s actual in game

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