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PS3 GUI Video |

Here’s a snippet of IGN Weekly showing off the PS3’s user interface.

Being a PSP owner, this interface looks totally familiar. But I’m wondering where the music, photo, and videos menus are.

Cool stuff, either way.

  • phipscube

    I’ve noticed how this is all over the net and the general comments seem to be “What? Ow is that using 20% of the system? I at least want some more eye candy” dear me.

    I prefer the simple XMB interface, it works quickly and its easy to see where you are. The main thing being you can switch main headings without coming “Back” all the time. Just simple up, down, left, right. The blades in Xbox 360 improve on Media center interface but you still have to go back and forth within optionis in each blade. Confusing sometimes.

    Also, this is the DEVELOPER menu. They don’t need a big flashy interface. Or any media functions. The Consumer interface will be much nicer looking with more menu items, although retaining the simple function of XMB.

    People are criticising this and saying “that looks naff compared to the E3 demo.. Sony lie again!” Sheesh! Its beyond irritating. Most people know its a developer version, but STILL insist on bashing Sony as if its the final version.