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Some Controller Impressions |

Some lucky dogs over at got a chance to actually try out a near-final version of the PS3’s new controller.

They say that the controller is surprisingly light. Okay. Now I’m not going to be surprised. Thanks a lot!

The also say that the analog sticks work a lot better, and the changes will be welcome for FPS fans. Sounds good to me. The sticks felt smoother and floated more loosely, they say.

Here’s what I wanted to hear: “The L2 and R2 triggers are now oversized and “squishy,” making them feel more like analog triggers. We actually preferred these redesigned L2 and R2 triggers to the slightly stiffer Xbox 360 triggers, but that will ultimately be a matter of personal preference.” I like my racing games, so this is good to hear.

And lastly, they got a bit confused about the new center button. Once source told them that it’s a “Home” button for menu navigation, like the Xbox 360. Another source said it was to sync the wireless controller to the PS3. So they got a bit confused. Here’s one for ya: maybe it does both!

Hands On Report: The PS3 Controller

  • No kidding it’s going to be lighter…there’s no feedback motors! As far as I know (from all that I’ve read)…the button in the middle is the “HOME” button – how else would you bring up the PS3 UI? Didn’t the recent IGN vids show that?

  • Yes they did. Actually, from what I hear, the button will be used for both purposes.

  • I got to play with it a bit ago and it is a much better controller. The L2 and R2 are analogue triggers and I thought the analogue sticker where less floaty. Meaning I could find the null point without having to take my thumb off the stick.
    Weight wise it is VERY light. Literally it feels like it could be empty. The one I used obviously wasn’t empty because I was controlling a tech demo with it.

    2 cent

  • In an (a bit older) vid on QJ, they showed a devkit using the PS3 controller… guess what… The button REALLY DOES BOTH!!

    And what I dont get… Everybody says, it is copied from the 360… Now what, the PSP does have one too, and it was released WAY before the 360… Now who copied whom?

    And to tell you, I really dont care anyhow. This is a freakin button FGS.

    I just hope, the PS3 controller will stay as sturdy as it was before (I still use my first PS2 controller, that is, a 5 year old pad… Nothing I buy and use frequently lasts that long!!)

  • well segitz, they are talking about the postioning, the shape and a few other things that makes it look… similar but really i dont care.

    There has always been one thing that has kept me from being a BIG Sony gamer every since PS1. It’s the controller. It feels edgy, sharp and the sticks are horrid for fps play for me! They cant be right next to each other like that! I dont know how to explain it but it’s so damn uncomfotable. Like peeing sitting down. With that said i was happy for the boomerang controller because at least it was moving in a new direction.. But they’ve come back and did it again.

  • Yeah, and again…

    I dont care, as I couldnt care LESS for FPS games on a console… No real modding, no buy, its that simple! (I did some map modeling for HL and Q3A YEARS ago :D)

    And on the other hand… Just use your PC mouse and keyboard for the PS3… (I have the Logitech BT mouse… Just hope, it is supported by the PS3 :D)