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27 PS3 Games Playable at TGS ’06! |

That’s according to the official PLAYSTATION Japanese website.

Here are the games that anybody lucky enough to be at the Tokyo Game Show next month will get their sweaty hands on:

Devil May Cry 4
Fatal Inertia
Hundred Year War
Mah-jongg conference IV (erm…..)
Coded Arms: Assault
The Eye Of Judgment
Gran Turismo 5?
Genji 2
Formula One
Heavenly Sword
Everybody’s Golf 5
Resistance: Fall of Man
Gundam: Target in Sight
Ridge Racer 7
Armoured Core 4

WOW!! That’s one hell of a list of playable games.

Devil May Cry 4 is the one I want to see the most! What in the name of orange juice is Railfan?

8 titles haven’t been announced yet but this is the translation from the website:

With the SCEJ booth β€œof Tokyo game Shaw 2006”, really it can try these attractive PS3 private game title all the 27 titles. The latest exhibition, in the world for the first time, test playing making really your general customer, becomes the opportunity which it receives.
γ€€In addition, you can view the up-to-date image of the PS3 private game title all the 35 titles which presently are in the midst of developing in the large-sized theater inside the booth.

So 27 out of the 35 games that are currently in development will be playable at TGS.

So anybody going to Tokyo around Sept 22-24?


27 PS3 Games Confirmed as Playable at TGS ’06!

EDIT: If you would like to read the page in broken English then put Playstation jp in a google search and when you find the Japanese PLAYSTATION site you have the option to translate the page so click that.

Try the link below & select the link just below the little image of a letter on the top left hand side of the page:

27 PS3 Games Confirmed as Playable at TGS ’06

  • If I had to choose just one to demo on the floor, it would probably have to be Heavenly Sword. Not necessarily because I want that game the most, but because it looks to be the most unique of the ones I want.

  • I can barely contain my excitement!! DMC4 playable has got me super hyper!!!!

  • Where is TEKKEN? Anyway here are the games that I would want:

    Devil May Cry 4
    Fatal Inertia
    Heavenly Sword
    Resistance: Fall of Man
    Gundam: Target in Sight

  • Tekken could be one of the other 8 games not yet revealed.

    I seriously can’t wait to see Dante in action.

    I’m a Devil May Cry fanboy! πŸ˜€

  • Dante?

    Is he in Tekken or Devil May Cry?


  • If Dante was in Tekken it would be the greatest beat em up in the world!

    It would also be extremely one sided as Dante would kick every other fighters ass!


  • Yes!
    And I’ll be there but it’s going to be more crowded than ever!

  • luke

    a mahjong ps3 game? ugh…whatever. but i would like to play lair the most. that first trailer made my jaw drop. so did the gundam trailer. but im not sure how real that was.

  • Bflow

    Did Sony have their conference yet at the show? I see news everywhere for Nintendo and M$.

  • Sony never planned to have a conference. Certain sites just assumed they were having one. Sony should be having a press day today however.

  • Extra Terrestrial

    I can now start thinking (and wishing) about what the DMC4 demo may offer.

    Good times indeed.