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Lots of BD Disk Space! |

You’ve heard them.

Yup, you’ve heard them.

If you’re watching the whole PS3 scene at all, you’ve heard the naysayers complain about the BD drive. You’ve heard them say that 9GB is more than plenty for any next-gen game, including those on the PS3.

Now MTV has talked to Insomniac Games, and has found out that the game currently occupies about 22GB of disc space. 1GB of that is music and vocals. The rest is graphics, level data, and programming code.

I’ve heard from other places that BD affords developers new opportunities. Game sound can be stored at a higher sampling rate. More varieties of sound can be used. Textures can be stored in a higher resolution and size.

BD is going to make PS3 games better than otherwise. And I’m glad to hear it.

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  • bunnyhero

    “no one will ever need more than 640K of RAM” 😉

  • I think the BluRay Disc is awesome technology. The more space the better. Think of all the extra quality content developers can add to the disc. And it’s very very hard to scratch BluRay discs, steel wool can’t even scratch it! 🙂

  • Developers will just use up all the space with FMV.

  • Martin Hansen

    I like what i’m hearing 🙂

    Even though many games for the PS3 could make onto a 9GB disc, Sony has clearly thought about the future.

    Blu-ray will also enable publishers to put several games on a single disc, like all MGS games on one disc.

    And some movie based games like spiderman/james bond ++ can be shipped together with the movie – on the same disc!