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New Sonic The Hedgehog Trailers |

You can view new trailers from Sonic The Hedgehog at, where you can see Silver in action using his psychic powers to control huge boxes & watch Sonic hitch a ride on an Eagle.

In case you have forgotten, here is a recap of what is known & rumoured about next-gen Sonic.

The camera will be controlled using the right analog stick while the shoulder buttons will more than likely be used to re-align the camera so it ends up back behind your character if it’s at a weird angle.

Both Silver & possibly Shadow will have their own adventures once they have been unlocked with considerable emphasis on Silver’s levels, giving them more of a unique feel compared to Sonic’s.

Damn you Sonic! Always pinching my fries!!!

On top of that, don’t be surprised if Tails & other characters from previous Sonic games make an appearance to assist Sonic. This will make a certain Sonic fanboy very unhappy!

Interestingly, an article on Wikipedia states that Blaze the Cat has some sort of connection with Silver so will she be in the game? I wouldn’t be surprised if she makes an appearance (you read it here first if it’s true. If not erm…..blame it on me not having a day off for over 14 days).

You will have to use the scenery more when you play as Silver making his levels decidedly slower than Sonic’s but no less entertaining.

There probably won’t be any motion-sensor use in Sonic as the game was already in development before Sony’s surprise announcement at E3.

You can watch a couple of new Sonic trailers here at Just scroll halfway down to find the Aug 23rd trailers.

Or you can download more Sonic trailers from

  • Are there any Sonic fans out there?

    I’m quite intrigued by this game & I’m hoping it will be a return to form for the Sonic franchise.

  • Spindash

    “On top of that, don’t be surprised if Tails & other characters from previous Sonic games make an appearance to assist Sonic.”


    Why? It should just be Sonic on his own, side-scrolling, cel-shaded, with the other characters making appearances through cut-scenes and whatnot. ‘Twould be ace.

    If there’s too many Knuckles levels I will headbutt Steve McManaman.

  • I loved Sonic on my Genesis. I hope they maintain that same feeling of speed. Looking at the videos, I think they have. The only question is: how will you plan your route in 3D? It’s a lot easier to do when you see more of your environment, like in the 2D sidescroller versions of old. It seems to me that in this version of the game you’ll have to replay each level a lot to find out where everything is.

  • The fast sections will probably be linear with a few different routes dotted throughout which you will probably only notice once you’ve wizzed by.

    The other part of the game is more explorable & I guess a little slower.

    The game will probably twice as fast as the E3 demos according to various rumours on the web.

    I will probably get motion sickness. 🙁

  • darrin

    Sonic was great back on Genesis, but it didn’t really survive the translation to 3D.

    Ratchet & Clank, Jak & Daxter, and to a lesser extent Sly Cooper are the new kings of the mascot based platformer genre.

  • Darrin, you have a point but none of those ‘mascots’ have the same appeal or history as Sonic nor have they got the one thing that defines Sonic: incredible speed!

    I love Ratchet & Clank and Jak & Daxter but I would still love a return to form for good old Sonic.

    I’m hoping this game will be just that.

  • luke

    sonic adventures 2 was the last good sonic game, but only the sonic/shadow levels.