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Warhawk Trailer from Leipzig |

IGN has a new trailer of Warhawk that was shown at Leipzig and I have to say I’m not at all impressed with what I’ve seen.

Graphically it looks great in the air but poor on the ground. Yes there’s loads going on visually but it seems as though they’ve put the minimum amount of detail into the areas & enemy ships/enemy soldiers as a result of having so much action on the screen. This is not so much a criticism of the flying sections but more of the on foot & ground sections.

The enemy soldiers look far too rigid & you wouldn’t just stand there all clustered together shooting at each other. It looks stupid. If that’s the best the AI can do I wouldn’t buy this game for £5!

I don’t know how far into development the game is but it looks like they would be better of removing the on foot sections of the game & stick to air combat, whilst giving some proof that the AI will be a lot better than what I saw in that trailer.

Warhawk Trailer From Leipzig

  • Yeah, the on-foot sections look totally tacked on. Really bad. This isn’t an FPS, they should stick to flying.

  • It sounds like the developers are putting too much emphasis on doing a jack of all trades game rather than sticking to one genre type (air combat) & getting it to a high standard.

    If the flying sections play great but the on-foot sections look & play rubbish then it will spoil a game that could be a must have purchase on the PS3.

  • I think I read previously that you don’t have to do the foot sections on foot. You can fly in there and shoot everything down from your plane. But that doesn’t sound like fun either.

  • darrin

    Incognito’s last two games on PS2 were pretty good. Not amazing, but they were both somewhat unique and very playable, well polished games. I’m expecting the same quality from Warhawk.

    I’ll agree those city combat sections look a little rough. They might still be too early in development which doesn’t bode well for a launch release.

    That’s the downside of showing your game early. Compare this to Assassin’s Creed; that game has shown much less. It hasn’t been publically playable, they haven’t released gameplay trailers, but they didn’t kill the excitement with premature previews.

  • I’d rather it be all flying to be honest. That’s why FPS shooters are for. The ground fighting doesn’t look that impressive from what I’ve seen. The air battles looks great though.

  • The Prince Of Ecuador

    It’s a bit funny reading your commentary and _then_ watching the trailer. I was expecting loads of poor ground action and then was surprised to see a very brief glimpse of an army shooting at one person, someoneon blow up a tank, and that’s about it. Jeez you guys are judgemental!

    With regards “I’d rather it be all flying… that’s what FPS shooters are for” have any of you played any game in the Battlefield series? The dynamicism of such a game is really liberating!