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Leipzig and Sony’s PR Strategy | posted an article blasting Sony for putting up such a small show at Leipzig. Sony made no major announcements and showed nothing new. Some third party developers showed updates to titles for Sony platforms, but Sony themselves was very quiet.

My first reaction: Relax. We already knew that Sony’s big showing would be at TGS and Leipzig was going to be a much lower profile event. They had a pretty huge show at E3 in May and will have another major show at TGS in September. Do we really need another major event in between those? Can’t we just wait a month?

On the other hand, he does have a point. Sony has provided lots of previews and details but they’ve done so on their own schedule and seemingly disappeared for months. This has frustrated the press and specialist community which expects much more frequent and regular updates and commentary.

Microsoft has done a much better job at satisfying this desire. They even have paid evangelists such as Major Nelson planted in the blog community. What does Sony have? They have editors at OPM, the official PlayStation fan magazine, who loudly announce that they would rather buy a 360 than a PS3. Independent journalism is very important and I also appreciate Sony’s quiet PR approach over loud, manipulative spin campaigns. But every once and a while fans such as myself just want to hear some good news and hear something to be happy about.

At the end of the day, I care about the product they deliver more than the preview announcements and press releases. I’m a PS3 fan because it looks like it will have the best hardware, the best software lineup, and the best gaming experience for my dollar. But media perception does matter.

Will everyone forget this as soon as launch hysteria and the inevitable media blitz hits? Or is Sony missing its opportunity to swoon the right people?

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  • Nick

    While my initial reaction was, WTH is sony thinking!!!?, looking at the bigger picture, quite simply Sony is saving itself for TGS.

    Sony is going to pull out all of its heavy artillery on TGS. If they had showed something at Leipzig, it would have taken anticipation and exitement from the announcements for TGS..

    Remember TGS is less than a month away, they are just too close to each other, and we all know that TGS is “THE” gameshow, more now that E3 is dead. Of course Microsoft had to do a good show at Leipzig, since their participation at TGS will be vastly overshadowed by Sony.

  • In the big picutre. No one will remember unless.. at TGS they show less than what is expected.

  • I think (as being a German), it is better, what Sony is doing…

    First, the LGC is a pretty lame and uninteresting convention in many things. First of all, theres the E3 (a MAJOR us event) and then there’s the TGS (another MAJOR event in Japan)…

    We have no Console producers in Europe, so they dont feel the need to appeal to their shareholders and stuff in Europe at all…

    And then theres the launch date of November 11/17. Now we have the End of August. If Sony dropped real bombs, the shockwave will have suffered a major decline till launch, so saving up these bombs is better.

    And there not being playable consoles is also understandable… The E3 demos Ninty showed offered nothing new (it rather hurt then helped them, at least the German TV coverage said things like “Ninty didnt do much since E3…”) and having done new Demos would have slowed down the devel process, which is in quite some time constraints…

    MS in my view didnt do perfect either… Vista is ace… Yeah well… I mostly use Linux so… stay away with these DRM OS…

  • “loud, manipulative spin campaigns”

    since thats what they began the ps3 hype machine with at E3 2005, I guess everyone kind of assumed it would continue. They hype campaign seems to have quieted proportionally each time as they’ve dropped features, announced delays and killzone has remained unmentioned.

    I don’t have a blind faith in sony (or anyone else) to deliver everything they’ve promised, so I would like to see the games, as opposed to not seeing games, which is what we’re doing right now. I dunno about Segitz, but I’m sure some european gamers would appreciate getting a look at the console actually running.

  • For the record, it’s “delay”, not “delays”. The PS3 has only been delayed once.

  • I’d include the delays in the blu-ray format, media and standalone players, not just the ps3 specifically, especially considering almost no one thought they would have it out when they originally announced it, certainly not in the US.