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Gran Turismo HD |

Gran Turismo HD looks to be an HD version of GT4 for the PS2. They took all the assets from GT4, and “HD-ized” them. It seems to be somewhat of an interim game until Polyphony Digital comes out with the real next-gen PS3 Gran Turismo sequel. Work on this true sequel has already been started, though still in the beginning stages.

The cool thing about Gran Turismo HD is that it’ll be 1080p/60. There have been a lot of naysayers about 1080p/60 on the PS3. It warms the cockles of my heart to see this game will be running at 1080p/60 so early in the PS3’s lifetime.

Gran Turismo HD forerunner to new next-gen GT

  • I don’t think I’ll pick this game up …. I have GT 2, 3, 4. And GT 4 was cool at first. Gorgeous graphics. But it gets old after a week. I’d only get this game if it has on-line play and even then I’d buy it used. I’d rather get Burnout when it’s available for the PS3.

  • I’n not sure yet either, BUT

    I LOVED the graphics in GT4, and now updating them to HD (dunno what they do, hires textures, add some shaders, blur effect, hopefully online) is not too dumb…

    I just hope, it wont be a fully priced game at 70€, but rather like GTA LCS for PS2…

  • darrin

    Old after a week? You got it backwards. Burnout is great. It’s easy to get into and appreciate right away and it has the longevity of a typical action game. GT is boring and even frustrating at first and very hard to get into, but if you get passed the steep learning curve it’s a very rewarding experience. GT4 is one of the most replayable games that I own. I’m just picked up Enthusia for a cheap price and am giving that a shot.

  • I’d rather there was no GT HD at all. I feel like they are pulling a fast one on fans of the series by putting out what will efectively be GT4.5, when it would be better if they spent their time on GT5.

    If they do release GT HD then it has to be at a cheap price but even then I won’t be buying it. GT4 really annoyed me in some parts & when a game does that to me I stop playing it & get rid of it.

    Games are meant to be enjoyable but when I’m crushing my joypad in a rage due to what I see as unfair behaviour by the game then it’s not worth my time any more,

    I would buy GT5 however. 😀

  • mcloki

    Gt HD seems like a tech demo. It feels like Sony has their fingers in this pie. It’s a nice game for Sony. It shows off the power of PS3. It’s running at 1080p/60 at launch. So that should shut up the naysayers. More cars would be nice.