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Konami Calls Foul on Microsoft “News” |

I saw an article recently (I wish now that I’d kept the URL EDIT: HERE IT IS) talking about how there was one clear winner at the Game Conference in Leipzig: Microsoft. Why? Microsoft won because they announced that the two big footballl (soccer) titles (Konami’s Pro Evolution Soccer and EA’s FIFA Soccer) would be next-gen exclusive on the Xbox 360 for a year. This “coup” by Microsoft was a major win for the company. They stole the show, and Sony was nowhere to be found. Blah blah blah.

Well, Konami doesn’t agree with Microsoft’s version of events. Konami says that Pro Evolution Soccer will be Xbox 360 exclusive this year. Next year, it’s entirely possible that a PS3 version will be released.

According to Takatsuka, Microsoft’s claims have caused some issues for Konami (with Sony, no doubt), and he definitely wants to set the record straight. Winning Eleven is exclusive to the 360 for this year, but it’s likely a case of necessesity (the PS3 game, which he confirmed is being worked on, isn’t far enough along in development) rather than some major exclusivity deal with Microsoft. The PS3 version could ship as early as next spring, he admitted, though no timeframe has been set yet. The only thing certain is that it will absolutely not release before January 1, 2007.

I don’t write this to gloat about Microsoft’s faux pas. (Well, maybe a little.) I just want to point out to all those people who talk about Sony’s supposed arrogance that Microsoft isn’t exactly the knight in shining armour that everyone makes them out to be.

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  • darrin

    In addition to that inaccuracy, both major soccer titles are being released this year (or January 2007) for PS2/PSP. To me, that’s not 360 exclusive at all.

    And, as pointed out, sports titles appeal to the casual gamers who will primarily be using PS2/PSP this holiday. In 2006, PS3 will appeal to the enthusiasts who could care less about soccer games so this whole issue isn’t very meaningful anyway. But it does make a strong headline.

  • Yeah, but Gary might disagree with on that one! 🙂

    Personally, I couldn’t care less about soccer. (Sorry Gary.)

  • Well let me give you a comparison.

    Pro Evolution Soccer is the only football game that simulates the way real football is played & that is why the so called hardcore gamers tend to buy PES over FIFA despite the fact that EA has a monopoly on most of the official licenses.

    The casual gamers DO tend to go for FIFA over PES as it’s a lot simpler to get to grips with as there doesn’t tend to be a great deal different between each yearly update of FIFA.

    Whenever I buy a PES game I spend weeks editing in the right player names, team names, club strips & stadium names, because FIFA has all the licences. I could easily buy FIFA instead & just jump straight into the rubbish gameplay & terrible impersonation of how football is played but I’d rather take the time to edit all the right stuff myself & get maximum enjoyment from the only game that accurately simulates the wonderful sport that is football!

    Anyway, MS pulled a similar stunt with GTA4 & people actually believed it was exclusive to the 360 for a few minutes until R* announced that it was also coming to the PS3 at the same time.

    PES (the only football game that matters to real fans) is an exclusive on the 360 until Dec 31st 23.59:59. This means that rather than Konami rushing out a PS3 version in time for Xmas they can now take their time and get the best out of the PS3 hardware in time for when they do finally release a PS3 PES.

    I’m happy with there being no PES on PS3 until next year it doesn’t change a thing for me & I;m a HUGE Liverpool FC fan! 😀

  • I think you’d be hard pressed to find people who call microsoft a knight in shining armor when it comes to their public presence, and saying microsoft pulled a stunt with their announcing of GTA4 is simply not true, they said exclusive downloadable content, some people misinterpreted that.

    This one, since the guy said “next gen exclusive for an entire year” it’s obviously their screw up, since they never signed a deal to that effect. Maybe if Sony had bothered to have a significant presence at the conference they would have been able to put the heat on Microsoft’s inaccuracy.

  • For the record:
    Somewhere around the late 1990’s Microsoft started a programme to improve it’s image among consumers. They had an initial budget of $150 mio.

    I guess they invested it well. Microsoft isn’t a knight by a long shot, let alone in shining armor. In the end it’s always about the money and nothing else, this is also true for sony, whether you like it or not.

    I just happen to like the playstation more then the xbox because i think sony is the better of two evils.

    Just my 2 cents