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New Poll: Best PS3 Racing Game? |

Okay, I liked the previous poll about the best PS3 FPS, so in the same style, I ask you what you think will be the best PS3 racing game. Vote in the sidebar, as always. Here are the contenders (I’ve chosen ones whose release date isn’t too far off):

Results of previous poll:

What PS3 FPS will be the best?

* Resistance: Fall of Man: 42% (75)
* Call of Duty 3: 24% (42)
* UT 2007: 16% (29)
* Half Life 2: 11% (19)
* Brothers in Arms: Hell’s Highway: 7% (13)

Total Votes : 178

  • I voted for F1 2006, mostly because I’m a big F1 fan. But I think I’ll also enjoy many of the others, like MotorStorm and NFS Carbon.

  • I’ve voted for Ridge Racer 7. If it can recapture the feel & fun of the PSone versions then we are all in for a treat.

    MotorStorm does look like it could be a lot of fun however but the rest don’t look too appealing to me & I haven’t watched any F1 for a good few years so the game doesn’t appeal to me.

  • I’m a massive fan of the need for speed franchise, and as much as EA doesn’t always produce the most innovative games, I’m pretty pumped to see how the frame rate holds up when I push the NOS and the motion blur goodness begins. I reckon Motorstorm is also gonna be pretty styling, but my vote is gonna stay with Carbon.

  • luke

    NFS has fallen off since nfs hp 2 imo. i’m looking forward to motorstorm and i hope it is one of the best of these racing games. but if you ask me, the best racing series is midnight club and i will be looking forward to the next entry when it is announced. it looked so good on the current gen consoles so i cant WAIT to see it for the next gen.